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Moabi Airport information

Moabi Airport
Elevation AMSL787 ft / 240 m
Coordinates2°27′15″S 10°56′00″E / 2.45417°S 10.93333°E / -2.45417; 10.93333Coordinates: 2°27′15″S 10°56′00″E / 2.45417°S 10.93333°E / -2.45417; 10.93333
MGX is located in Gabon
Location in Gabon
Direction Length Surface
m ft
12/30 1,100 3,609 Grass
Sources: Bing Maps[1] GCM[2]

Moabi Airport (IATA: FOGI, ICAO: MGX) is an airport serving the town of Moabi in the Nyanga Province of Gabon.

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  2. ^ Airport information for MGX at Great Circle Mapper.

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