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Mnong people information

Mnong people during an elephant blessing ceremony in Buôn Đôn, Vietnam
Total population
Mnong people Vietnam 127,334 (2019)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Đắk Lắk, Đắk Nông, Lâm Đồng, Bình Phước - Mnong people Vietnam
Mondulkiri - Mnong people Cambodia
Mnong, others
Christian, Theravada Buddhism, Animist
A longhouse in the Mnong village of Buôn Jun in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
Mnong women near Buon Ma Thuot
Mnong's elephant carer

The Mnong or Munong people (Vietnamese: người Mơ-nông) are an ethnic group mainly living in Central Highlands and Southeast regions of Vietnam, and Eastern region of Cambodia. They are made up of many smaller groups: Mnong Gar, Mnong Nông, Mnong Chil, Mnong Kuênh, Mnong Rlâm, Mnong Preh, Mnong Prâng, Mnong Ðíp, Mnong Bhiêt, Mnong Sitô, Mnong Bu Ðâng, Mnong Bu Nor, Mnong Bu Ðêh.

Every group speaks a variant of the Mnong language, which along with Koho language, is in the South Bhanaric group of the Mon–Khmer family.[2]

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avons mangé la forêt de la Pierre-Génie Gôo: chronique de Sar Luk, village Mnong Gar. Mercure de France. p. 258. ISBN 2-7152-2419-2. OCLC 496641330. Harris...

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