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Mnong language information

Bunong, ឞូន៝ង
Native toVietnam and Cambodia
Regionthroughout Tây Nguyên region, especially in Đắk Lắk, Lâm Đồng, Đắk Nông and Bình Phước provinces; Mondulkiri in Cambodia
Native speakers
130,000 (2002–2008)[1]
Language family
  • Bahnaric
    • South Bahnaric
      • Sre–Mnong
        • Mnong
Writing system
Latin (Vietnamese alphabet)
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
cmo – Central Mnong
mng – Eastern Mnong
mnn – Southern Mnong
rka – Kraol
ELPCentral Mnong

The Mnong language (also known as Pnong or Bunong) (Bunong: ឞូន៝ង) belongs to the Austro-Asiatic language family. It is spoken by the different groups of Mnong in Vietnam and a Pnong group in Cambodia.

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The Mnong language (also known as Pnong or Bunong) (Bunong: ឞូន៝ង) belongs to the Austro-Asiatic language family. It is spoken by the different groups...

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Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien Khmer (VTV5 Tây Nam Bộ) Rade, Bahnar, Jarai, Mnong, Koho, Jeh-Tariang, Sedang, Chru, Roglai, Cham, Katu, Hrê, Stieng (VTV5...

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