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Minya Governorate information

Minya Governorate
Flag of Minya Governorate
Official logo of Minya Governorate
Minya Governorate on the map of Egypt
Minya Governorate on the map of Egypt
Coordinates: 28°07′N 30°07′E / 28.11°N 30.11°E / 28.11; 30.11
CountryMinya Governorate Egypt
SeatMinya (capital)
 • GovernorOsama El-Kady[1]
 (January 2023)
 • Total6,279,035
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
HDI (2021)0.69[2]
medium · 20th
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Minya Governorate (Arabic: محافظة المنيا Muḥāfẓet El Minya) is one of the governorates of Upper Egypt. Its capital city, Minya, is located on the left bank of the Nile River.[3]

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Minya Governorate

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Minya Governorate (Arabic: محافظة المنيا Muḥāfẓet El Minya) is one of the governorates of Upper Egypt. Its capital city, Minya, is located on the left...

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Christianity in Minya Governorate

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Christianity is the religion of large part of the population in Minya Governorate in Egypt. The Copts made up 19.4% of the population in the year 1914...

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(Al-) Minya may refer to: Minya Governorate in Egypt Minya, Egypt, capital city of the Minya Governorate; Ancient Egyptian name Men'at Khufu, meaning the...

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part of the population in Sohag Governorate in Egypt. The Minya Governorate, Asyut Governorate and Qena Governorate has also a sizable Christian populations...

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house" /hoˈwoːr/ Lahun – ⲗⲉϩⲱⲛⲉ (Lehone), "the mouth, door" /læˈhoːnæ/ Minya – ⲧⲙⲱⲛⲏ (Tmone) /dəˈmoːnæ/ Asyut – ⲥⲓⲱⲟⲩⲧ (Siowt), /ˈsjoːwt/ Kharga – ϩⲏⲃ...

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2018 Minya bus attack

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through Minya. There was a convoy of three vehicles and two of them managed to escape. The vehicles were carrying Copts traveling from Sohag Governorate and...

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2017 Minya bus attack

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gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying Copts from Maghagha in Egypt's Minya Governorate to the Monastery of Saint Samuel the Confessor, killing at least 28...

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in northern Ethiopia Italian submarine Adua El Idwa, a city in the Minya Governorate, Egypt This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the...

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2015 kidnapping and beheading of Copts in Libya

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who came from different villages in Egypt, 13 of them from Al-Our, Minya Governorate, were kidnapped in Sirte in two separate attacks on 27 December 2014...

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Coptic: ⲧⲥⲉⲙⲟⲩⲗⲟⲧ t-Semulot) is a city and a municipal division in the Minya Governorate in Egypt. It is located on the west bank of the Nile, a few hours...

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in what today is the Egyptian province of Minya. It is about 58 km (36 mi) south of the city of al-Minya, 312 km (194 mi) south of the Egyptian capital...

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Occitania administrative region Dalga, a town of about 120,000 people in Minya Governorate in Egypt This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the...

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modern village of Zawiyat al-Amwat (Arabic: زاويـــة الأمـــوات) (Minya Governorate) is built on the site where the ancient city stood. Alabastron was...

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genus Lonchura Minya, Egypt, a city in Egypt Minya Governorate, a governorate in Egypt Miniya, translation of minnie in magadhi Minya (disambiguation)...

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in Middle Egypt located about 160 km south-southwest of Cairo in Minya Governorate. It is also an important archaeological site. Since the late 19th...

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Coptic Catholic Eparchy of Minya

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King located in Minya, the capital of the Minya Governorate in Upper Egypt. Established on 26 Nov 1895 as an Eparchy (Diocese) of Minya (Curiate Italian...

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Naglaa Mahmoud

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Naglaa Ali Mahmoud (Arabic: نجلاء على محمود, IPA: [ˈnæɡlæ ˈʕæli mæħˈmuːd] or [næɡˈlæːʔ]; born 4 July 1962) is the widow and cousin of the fifth President...

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Abdel Hakim Amer

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Vice President between 1958 and 1965. Amer was born in Samalut, in the El Minya on 11 December 1919. He was from an affluent family, and his father was...

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List of Coptic Orthodox popes

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Minya Governorate, Egypt 1 May 1480 – 17 September 1483 (3 years, 4 months, 17 days) Pope John XII Yoannis • Ⲓⲱⲁⲛⲛⲏⲥ • يوأنس Naqada, Qena Governorate...

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Suzanne Mubarak

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collaboration with the British Museum. Suzanne Saleh Thabet was born in Al Minya Governorate, located on the Nile River about 250 kilometres to the south of Cairo...

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Minya University

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log for the university. The Nefertiti bust is also the slogan of Minya governorate due to its historical and ideological role that it played in the history...

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the modern town of el Ashmunein (from the Coptic name) in Mallawi, Minya Governorate, Egypt. Khemenu (Ḫmnw), the Egyptian language name of the city, means...

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el-Kom el-Ahmar Sawaris. It is within the boundaries of the modern Al Minya Governorate. Some of the old city's remains can be still found today. These include...

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[ˈ], Coptic: ⲙⲁⲛⲗⲁⲩ) is a city in Egypt, located in the governorate of Minya. Situated in a farm area, the town produces textiles and handicrafts...

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Narriman Sadek

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daughter of Kamel Mahmoud, one of the famous honorable personalities of Minya Governorate. Farouk divorced his first wife, Queen Farida, in 1948, after a ten-year...

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