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Coordinates: 31°21′N 27°14′E / 31.350°N 27.233°E / 31.350; 27.233

Mersa Matruh
مرسى مطروح
Marsā Maṭrūḥ
Cleopatra Bath, Marsa Matrouh (3).jpg
Marsa Matruh, Qism Moursy Matrouh, Matrouh Governorate, Egypt - panoramio.jpg
From the watch tower - panoramio.jpg
Matroh City.jpg
Marsa Matrouh city in Egypt on the northern coast of the Mediterranean 06.JPG
Cleopatra beach - panoramio.jpg
Flag of Mersa Matruh
Official seal of Mersa Matruh
Mersa Matruh is located in Egypt
Mersa Matruh
Mersa Matruh
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 31°20′N 27°13′E / 31.333°N 27.217°E / 31.333; 27.217
100 ft (30 m)
 • City68,339
 • Metro
 • Ethnicities
Egyptians Bedouins & Egyptian-Libyans.
Time zoneUTC+2 (EST)
Area code(+20) 46

Mersa Matruh (Arabic: مرسى مطروح, romanized: Marsā Maṭrūḥ, IPA: [ˈmæɾsæ mɑtˤˈɾuːħ]), also transliterated as Marsa Matruh, is a port in Egypt and the capital of Matrouh Governorate. It is located 240 km (150 mi) west of Alexandria and 222 km (138 mi) east of Sallum on the main highway from the Nile Delta to the Libyan border. The city is also accessible from the south via another highway running through the Western Desert towards Siwa Oasis and Bahariya Oasis.

In ancient Egypt and during the reign of Alexander the Great, the city was known as Amunia. In the Ptolemaic Kingdom and later during the Byzantine Empire, it was known as Paraitónion (Koinē Greek: Παραιτόνιον). During the Roman Empire, it was called Paraetonium in Latin, which became al-Bāritūn (Arabic: البارتون) after the mid-7th century Muslim conquest of Egypt.[1] As a British military base during World War II, several battles were fought around its environs as the German Afrika Korps attempted to capture the port. It fell to the Germans during the Battle of Mersa Matruh, but was recaptured following the Second Battle of El Alamein.

Mersa Matruh is served by Mersa Matruh International Airport. The city features soft white sand beaches and calm transparent waters; the bay is protected from the high seas by a series of rocks forming a natural breakwater, with a small opening to allow access for light vessels.

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Mersa Matruh

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31.350; 27.233 Mersa Matruh (Arabic: مرسى مطروح, romanized: Marsā Maṭrūḥ, IPA: [ˈmæɾsæ mɑtˤˈɾuːħ]), also transliterated as Marsa Matruh, is a port in Egypt...

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Battle of Mersa Matruh

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The Battle of Mersa Matruh was fought from 26 to 29 June 1942, following the defeat of the Eighth Army (General Sir Claude Auchinleck) at the Battle of...

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Marsa Matruh International Airport

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Marsa Matruh International Airport, formerly Mersa Matruh Airport (Arabic: مطار مرسى مطروح الدولي) (IATA: MUH, ICAO: HEMM), is an international airport...

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Matrouh Governorate

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Muḥāfaẓat Maṭrūḥ) is one of the governorates of Egypt. Located in the north-western part of the country, it borders Libya. Its capital is Mersa Matruh. The...

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First Battle of El Alamein

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retreated east from the Gazala line into north-western Egypt as far as Mersa Matruh, roughly 160 km (100 mi) inside the border. Ritchie had decided not to...

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Western Desert campaign

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The 7th Armoured Division, less the 7th Armoured Brigade, assembled at Mersa Matruh and sent the 7th Support Group forward towards the frontier as a covering...

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Second Battle of El Alamein

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of the Rahman track, preparatory to turning north to cut the road at Mersa Matruh. Both moves failed, the 7th Armoured Division finished the day 20 mi...

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Italian invasion of Egypt

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(7th Armoured Division) the main force remaining in the vicinity of Mersa Matruh, the principal British base in the Western Desert. On 16 September 1940...

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Governorate in Egypt Matruh, Yemen The Mediterranean harbor and naval port of Mersa Matruh in the Matrouh Governorate This disambiguation page lists articles about...

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2nd New Zealand Division

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into Egypt. The 2nd New Zealand Division was transported from Syria to Mersa Matruh. In the ensuing battle, the division's retreat was cut off on 27 June...

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List of cities and towns in Egypt

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Maghagha Mallawi Manfalut Mansoura Mashtool El Souk Matai Menouf Marsa Alam Mersa Matruh Metoubes Minya Minyet El Nasr Mit Abu El Kom Mit Abu Ghaleb Mit Adlan...

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El Raja SC

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simply known as El Raja, is an Egyptian football and sports club based in Mersa Matruh, Egypt. The club currently plays in the Egyptian Second Division, the...

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Egypt; the other wettest places are Rosetta, Baltim, Kafr el-Dawwar, and Mersa Matruh. The city's climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, moderating...

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Erwin Rommel

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hope to achieve. He pressed an attack on the heavily fortified town of Mersa Matruh, which Auchinleck had designated as the fall-back position, surrounding...

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North African campaign

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screening forces to harass the advancing Italians, falling back towards Mersa Matruh, where the main British infantry force was based. Positioned on the desert...

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Operation Compass

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(Lieutenant-General Richard O'Connor) with about 36,000 men, advanced from Mersa Matruh in Egypt on a five-day raid against the Italian positions of the 10th...

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Higher Technological Institute

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branches: 10th of Ramadan City (Main Campus), 6th of October City Campus, Mersa Matruh Campus, and Al Minya Campus. Higher Technological Institute offers two...

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Egyptian Air Force

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Basur (Rafale EM/DM) 232 Tactical Fighter Wing 72sq – Mersa Matruh (F-16C/D) 74sq - Mersa Matruh (F-16C/D) 242 Tactical Fighter Wing 68sq – Aswan (F-16C/D)...

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Roald Dahl

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in Egypt) to 80 Squadron's forward airstrip 30 miles (48 km) south of Mersa Matruh. On the final leg, he could not find the airstrip and, running low on...

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Operation Sonnenblume

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from the 7th Armoured Division and did not engage the main force around Mersa Matruh. On 16 September, the 10th Army halted and took up defensive positions...

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Battle of Gazala

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to hold Mersa Matruh, choosing to fight a delaying action with X and XIII Corps. The Afrika Korps was delayed at the Battle of Mersa Matruh but signal...

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Siege of Tobruk

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1941) in Operation Crusader. The Western Desert Campaign was fought from Mersa Matruh in Egypt to Gazala in Cyrenaica on the Libyan coast, an area about 390...

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Climate of Egypt

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nights and coldest winters Cities or resorts with coolest summer days Mersa Matruh Port Said Places with least temperature fluctuation Port Said Kosseir...

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Attack on Nibeiwa

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the 7th Armoured Division and kept their main force at the railhead of Mersa Matruh about 80 mi (130 km) east of Sidi Barrani. The British probed the Italian...

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Adam Wakenshaw

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actions on 27 June 1942 in Mersa Matruh, Egypt, where he was killed in combat. On the 27th June, 1942, south of Mersa Matruh, Private Wakenshaw was a member...

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Axis capture of Tobruk

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Alamein. On the next day, Rommel arrived at Matruh and broke through in the centre. The Battle of Mersa Matruh was another fiasco for the Eighth Army, who...

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needed] Rafah, Alexandria, Abu Qir, Rosetta, Baltim, Kafr el-Dawwar and Mersa Matruh are the wettest places in Egypt. The population of Rosetta has increased...

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Operations started in July 1933, initially linking Cairo with Alexandria and Mersa Matruh using de Havilland DH.84 Dragon equipment. By August that year, the frequency...

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Division orders to attack eastwards. The British 8th Army withdraws to Mersa Matruh, where the Indian 10th Division, elements of the Indian 5th Division...

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Special forces

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Tympaki and Maleme significant damage was caused, and raids at Fuka and Mersa Matruh airfields destroyed 30 aircraft. In the Burma Campaign, the Chindits...

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Battle of Beda Fomm

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The 7th Armoured Division, less the 7th Armoured Brigade, assembled at Mersa Matruh and sent the 7th Support Group forward towards the frontier as a covering...

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Christopher Lee

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between Egyptian airstrips, from RAF El Daba to Maaten Bagush and on to Mersa Matruh; they lent air support to the ground forces and bombed strategic targets...

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Action of Agagia

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artillery and machine-guns, for campaigns along the coast against Sollum, Mersa Matruh and Da'aba on the way to Alexandria and from Siwa through the band of...

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Henry Maitland Wilson

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and eight British battalions. He concentrated his defensive forces at Mersa Matruh some 100 miles from the border with Libya. Early in August, Sir Archibald...

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Senussi campaign

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combatants, supported by mountain guns and machine-guns, to attack Sollum, Mersa Matruh and El Dabaa on the coast and the oases further south at Bahariya, Farafra...

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Peace treaty

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of Libyan tribesmen by building a chain of fortresses stretching from Mersa Matruh to Rakotis, and the Hittites faced a more formidable threat in the form...

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Military history of the United Kingdom during World War II

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that Rommel's last advance had produced. A prepared defensive line at Mersa Matruh was outflanked, and disaster beckoned. Ritchie was dismissed as Eighth...

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