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Menz or Manz (Amharic: መንዝ, romanized: Mänz) is a former subdivision of Ethiopia, located inside the boundaries of the modern Semien Shewa Zone of the Amhara Region. William Cornwallis Harris described Menz as lying "westward" of Gedem but between that former province and Marra Biete.[1]

Donald Levine explains that Menz was divided into three parts: Mama Meder in the center; Lalo Meder in the south; and Gera Meder in the north.[2] Further, he defines its boundaries as "the Mofar River in the south, the Adabay and Wanchet rivers in the west, the Qechene River in the north, and in the east a long chain of mountains which pour forth the waters that drain across Manz and which divide it from the lowlands of Efrata, Gedem, and Qawat."[3] This would roughly equate to the modern woredas of Gera Midirna Keya Gebriel and Mam Midrina Lalo Midir.

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Menz or Manz (Amharic: መንዝ, romanized: Mänz) is a former subdivision of Ethiopia, located inside the boundaries of the modern Semien Shewa Zone of the...

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province of Menz, Lalo Meder. Located in the Semien Shewa Zone, Menz Lalo Midir is bordered on the southeast by Menz Mam Midir, on the west by Menz Keya Gebreal...

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Menz Mama Midir (Amharic: መንዝ ማማ ምድር) is one of the woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It is named after the district of the former province of...

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it was announced that Australian confectioner Robern Menz, since January 2022 rebranded Menz Confectionery, had signed an agreement with rights holder...

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Menz Gera Midir is one of the woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It is partly named after the northern district of the former province of Menz...

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Ras Makonnen, also known as Abba Qagnew (አባ ቃኘው), was a Shewan royal from Menz, a military leader, the governor of Harar province in the Ethiopian Empire...

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000 were produced. After the Great War, the firm of Waffenfabrik August Menz of Suhl continued to produce the Beholla as the Menta.  Germany  Lithuania...

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Shewa at various times. Most of northern Shewa, made up of the districts of Menz, Tegulet, Yifat, Menjar and Bulga, is populated by Christian Amharas, while...

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und Südbalkanischen Romani-Dialekten. In: Halwachs, Dieter W. and Florian Menz (eds.) Die Sprache der Roma. Perspektiven der Romani-Forschung in Österreich...

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Bob Andy, Junior Menz, and Leroy Stamp. In 1964 Stamp was replaced by singer and songwriter John Holt, and Howard Barrett replaced Menz. The early Paragons...

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highlands in the Semien Shewa Zone, Menz Gera Midir is bordered on the south by Menz Lalo Midir, on the southwest by Menz Keya Gebreal, on the west by the...

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Although the official account is that his father Lesba Qal (lord of Agancha, in Menz) was a male-line great-grandson of Prince Yaqob, son of Emperor Lebna Dengel...

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Măcriș, p. 58 Karanfil, pp. 61–62. See also Menz, p. 127 Karanfil, p. 61 Karanfil, pp. 62–63 Karanfil, p. 63 Menz, p. 125 Kapaló, pp. 47–53, 58–83; Karanfil...

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Guide), Project Management Institute, ISBN 1-880410-23-0 Matrix management Menz, M. 2012. Functional Top Management Team Members: A Review, Synthesis, and...

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were used at that time. The cinematographer for the film was M.I. Littin-Menz. Patterson spent a year editing the film. The film premiered at the 2019...

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themselves "Eski Bulgars" (meaning Old Bulgars) in the 1930s. According to Astrid Menz: Older ethnographic works such as Pees (1894) and Jireček (1891)—both covering...

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Environmental Medicine. 17 (2): 120–128. doi:10.1580/pr31-05.1. PMID 16805148. Menz J, Rossi ER, Taylor WC, Wall L (September 1986). "Contact dermatitis from...

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2010), "Mastering the move from COO to CEO", Outlook, retrieved 2011-02-08 Menz, Markus; Scheef, Christine (2014). "Chief strategy officers: Contingency...

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and Güldenhof Neuglobsow with Dagow Menz with Neuroofen Church in Menz Church in Neuglobsow Lake Roofen in Menz Erwin Strittmatter's grave in Schulzenhof...

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Mountains in Gondar, in the northern and southern Wollo highlands, and in Guassa Menz in north Shoa. It has recently become extinct in Gosh Meda in north Shoa...

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Languages of the World. Dallas, TX: SIL International. Retrieved 2011-04-29. Menz, Astrid (2000). "Indirectivity in Gagauz". In Johanson, Lars; Utas, Bo (eds...

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clan. At that time they inhabited the land north of Galan tribe, South of Menz, west of Karayyu and east of Marhabiete. They became Christian in the 1830s...

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cooked by the sun. So what you got is boiling water for atmosphere." Denise Menz, who was part of Frazier's contingent, said of the conditions inside the...

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molecular analyses and Neuradoideae has been assigned to Malvales. Schulze-Menz, in Engler's Syllabus edited by Melchior (1964) recognized Rosoideae, Dryadoideae...

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retentions in Jamaican Creole: a reassessment. Northwestern University. Menz, Jessica (2008). London Jamaican-Jamaican Creole in London. GRIN Verlag....

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Industry Gaming Founded 2014 Defunct 2020 Headquarters Melbourne, Australia Key people Andrew Menz (CEO) Matthew Tripp (President) Website

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