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Road signs in Mendefera
Road signs in Mendefera
Mendefera is located in Eritrea

Location in Eritrea
Coordinates: 14°53′14″N 38°48′55″E / 14.88722°N 38.81528°E / 14.88722; 38.81528
CountryFlag of Eritrea.svg Eritrea
 • GovernorEskyas Wubet
1,972 m (6,470 ft)
 • Town63,492
 • Metro

Mendefera, (Tigrinya: መንደፈራ) formerly Adi Ugri, is an ancient town which is now the capital city of the Southern Region or Zoba Debub of Eritrea.[1] The town's name derives from the high hill in the center of the city and it means that "who dared it"(in English)or "መን ደፈራ"( in Tigrinya) as it was a jungle and is a source of pride to Eritreans. The city is a reminder of the local anti-colonial movement.

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Mendefera, (Tigrinya: መንደፈራ) formerly Adi Ugri, is an ancient town which is now the capital city of the Southern Region or Zoba Debub of Eritrea. The...

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Mendefera Subregion

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Mendefera Subregion is a subregion in the Debub (Southern) region (Zoba Debub) of Eritrea. Its capital lies at Mendefera. Subregions of Eritrea Coordinates:...

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Massawa to the east, the northern town of Keren, and the central town Mendefera. Eritrea is part of a 14-nation constituency within the Global Environment...

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Abune Dioskoros

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Abune Diosqoros (born Diosqoros Hagos Mendefera; 1935 – 21 December 2015) was the fourth Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, appointed...

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Adi Quala

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town in southern (Debub) part of Eritrea. It is located 32 km south of Mendefera nearly 25 km from the Ethiopian border, over 2,000m above sea level. Adi...

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Fozia Hashim

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1st Minister of Justice of Eritrea In office 1993–present Personal details Born 1956[citation needed] Mendefera[citation needed] Political party PFDJ...

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List of oldest continuously inhabited cities

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Cyrenaica  Libya c. 525 BC Founded in the 5th century BC, by the Greeks. Mendefera D`mt  Eritrea c. 500 BC Ancient major trading city of the D`mt kingdom...

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Eritrean Orthodox Church as well as a number of new factories in the town of Mendefera. Tsilima ጽልማ Debub ደቡብ GuH'tsi'A ጉሕጭዓ Mai Tsa'eda ማይጻዕዳ/ ማጫዕዳ Enda Azmach...

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Subregions of Eritrea

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Tsorona Emni Haili Adi Keyh Adi Quala Areza Debarwa Dekemhare Mai-Mne Mendefera Segeneiti Senafe Are'eta Assab Central Denkalya Southern Denkalya Portal:...

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Regions of Eritrea

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Hamasien Debub Region, Southern ዞባ ደቡብ المنطقة الجنوبية 4 1,476,765 Mendefera mindri-wedisebera ER-DU Seraye, Akele Guzay, Hamasien Northern Red Sea...

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Eritrea. It is the capital of the Areza Subregion. It lies to the west of Mendefera. The area is primarily agricultural and contains 20 kebabis (residential...

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Tesfaye Gebreab

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Bishoftu. His parents were Eritreans who in the 1950s, migrated from Mendefera, Eritrea, to Ethiopia. He died in Nairobi, Kenya on 24 December 2021,...

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2009 Tour of Eritrea

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Africa’s internationally recognized tours. Stage 1 - Keren-Mendefera - 148 km Stage 2 - Mendefera-Dekmhare - 156 km Stage 3 - Dekmhare-Massawa - 151 km Stage...

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predominantly Tigrinya populated urban centers in Eritrea are the capital Asmara, Mendefera, Dekemhare, Adi Keyh, Adi Quala and Senafe, while there is a significant...

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List of cities in Eritrea

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Maekel 2 Keren 126,149 146,483 Anseba 3 Teseney 52,531 64,889 Gash-Barka 4 Mendefera 22,184 63,492 Debub 5 Agordat 15,948 47,482 Gash-Barka 6 Assab 31,037...

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Tesfom Okubamariam

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Issak Tesfom Okubamariam Born (1991-02-28) 28 February 1991 (age 31) Mendefera, Eritrea Height 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in) Weight 60 kg (132 lb) Team information...

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Politics of Eritrea

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Adi Keyh, Adi Quala, Areza, Debarwa, Dekemhare, Kudo Be'ur, Mai-Mne, Mendefera, Segeneiti, Senafe, Tserona Gash-Barka (3) Agordat City, Barentu City...

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List of abunas of Eritrea

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Reign disputed by followers of Abune Antonios Born as Diosqoros Hagos Mendefera 5 Qerlos 2021–present Reign disputed by followers of Abune Antonios until...

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Demographics of Eritrea

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predominantly Tigrinya populated urban centers in Eritrea are the capital Asmara, Mendefera, Dekemhare, Adi Keyh, Adi Quala and Senafe, while there is a significant...

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Subdivisions of Eritrea

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ደቡብ) Adi Keyh, Adi Quala, Areza, Debarwa, Dekemhare, Mai Ayni, Mai Mne, Mendefera, Segheneyti, Senafe, Tserona, Emni Haili 3 Gash-Barka (ዞባ ጋሽ ባርካ) Agordat...

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Transport in Eritrea

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Tekelezan Keren Asphalt P-3 Asmara Adi Keyh Senafe Asphalt P-4 Asmara Mendefera Mareb River (border with Ethiopia) Asphalt P-5 Keren Barentu Tesseney...

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Asmara Calcio

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Asmara. Some of the remaining teams were renamed. GS Seraie became GS Mendefera, GS Hamasien became GS Asmara, and GS Akeleguzai became GS Amabasoira...

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Timeline of Asmara

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ISBN 9781858943824. Eritrea: National and Cities Urban Profile: Asmara, Massawa & Mendefera. United Nations Human Settlements Programme. 2008. Belula Tecle-Misghina...

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Health in Eritrea

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Southern Region Hospital Dekemhare Hospital Southern Region Hospital Mendefera Hospital Southern Region Hospital Senafe Mini Hospital Southern Region...

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Eritrean Telecommunications Corporation

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urban areas including: Asmara, Embatkala, Ghinda, Massawa, Dekemhare, Mendefera, Keren, Adi Keyh, Barentu, Teseney, Agordat, Sawa, and Nakfa. This branch...

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List of archaeological sites by country

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Quelepa San Andrés Tazumal Gash Group Buya Metera Qohayto Keskese Adulis Mendefera Sembel Pulli settlement Rebala Hadar, Ethiopia Omo remains Mifsas Bahri...

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Italian invasion of British Somaliland

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Australian prisoners of war, until they were liberated at Adi Ugri (now Mendefera) in Eritrea on 1 April 1941. HMS Kimberley, Aukland, Carlisle, Ceres and...

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