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Massawa International Airport information

Massawa International Airport
Antonov An-12BP AN1639638.jpg
A retired Antonov An-12BP near the Massawa airport's bus terminal.
Airport typeMilitary/Public
LocationMassawa, Eritrea
Elevation AMSL206 ft / 63 m
Coordinates15°41′0″N 39°22′5″E / 15.68333°N 39.36806°E / 15.68333; 39.36806Coordinates: 15°41′0″N 39°22′5″E / 15.68333°N 39.36806°E / 15.68333; 39.36806
MSW is located in Eritrea
Location of airport in Eritrea
Direction Length Surface
ft m
07/25 11,483 3,500 Asphalt

Massawa International Airport (IATA: MSW, ICAO: HHMS) is an airport in Massawa, a major city in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea. It is considered to be the successor of the Otumlo Airport, also in Massawa, which was destroyed in 1941.

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Massawa International Airport

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Massawa International Airport (IATA: MSW, ICAO: HHMS) is an airport in Massawa, a major city in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea. It is considered...

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Massawa (/məsˈɑːwə/ muh-SAH-wuh; Tigrinya: ምጽዋዕ, romanized: məṣṣəwaʿ; Ge'ez: ምጽዋ; Arabic: مصوع; Italian: Massaua; Portuguese: Maçuá) is a port city in...

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Asmara International Airport

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747) cannot fly to the airport.[citation needed] Unsuitable aircraft would instead need to use the Massawa International Airport on the Eritrean coast...

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 Eritrea Massawa (Massawa International Airport) Hub  Kenya Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport)  Sudan Khartoum (Khartoum International Airport)  South...

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Asmara. Asmara International Airport serves the city with many international flights. Massawa International Airport is an alternative airport nearby. As of...

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2017 there it is a civilian weekly flight between Assab and Massawa international Airport. As of November 2018 Eritrean Airlines is planning to start...

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Skytrain equipment. The airline's hub is located at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Following is a list Ethiopian Airlines' scheduled destinations...

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HHMS may refer to: Massawa International Airport, in Eretrea His Hawaiian Majesty's Ship, a ship designation; see Kaimiloa, the only ship ever so designated...

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Transport in Eritrea

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three international airports, one in the capital, Asmara International Airport, and the two others in the coastal cities, Massawa (Massawa International Airport)...

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Eritrean Free Zones Authority

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the supervision of CEO Araya Tsegay. The Massawa Free Zone offers access to the Massawa International Airport, as well as seaport access. Furthermore,...

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craft distillery in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States Massawa International Airport, Eritrea (by IATA code) Ministry of Interior (Poland) (Polish:...

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This is a list of airports in Eritrea, sorted by location. Transport in Eritrea List of airports by ICAO code: H#HH - Eritrea Wikipedia: WikiProject Aviation/Airline...

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Canal Container Terminal Assab Free Port and International Airport Massawa Free Port and International Airport Atlantic Free Zone Kenitra Tangier Exportation...

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(and primary) base — the Haile Selassie I Naval Base — was established at Massawa in 1956. The navy took delivery of its first ship in 1957. By the early...

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tools dated to more than 125,000 years old near the Bay of Zula south of Massawa, along the Red Sea littoral. The tools are believed to have been used by...

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Obelisk of Axum

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transported by truck along the tortuous route between Axum and the port of Massawa, taking five trips over a period of two months. It travelled by the ship...

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Red Sea Air

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the airline, which operated domestic routes between Asmara, Assab and Massawa. Red Sea Air had a fleet of BAC 1-11s The airline operated from 1988 to...

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Xian MA60

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visibility on visual approach to Kaimana Airport, Kaimana, West Papua in Indonesia. It had left Sorong Airport with 19 passengers and 6 crew members on...

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Eritrean Airlines

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May 1991 (1991-05), serving as the ground handling agent at Asmara International Airport and at Assab and Massawa. It also acted as sales agent for other major airlines...

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Kagnew Station

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military's Keren R & R Center, located in the city of Keren in 1971. The Massawa R&R Center (the U.S. Army Red Sea Rest Center), located on the Red Sea...

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Transport in Ethiopia

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landlocked and was by agreement with Eritrea using the ports of Asseb and Massawa until 1997; since the Eritrean-Ethiopian War, Ethiopia has used the port...

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and expansion efforts were sustained by Emperor Zara Yaqob who conquered Massawa and Dahlak Archipelago around 1465. Ifat's successor, the Adal Sultanate...

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Petros Solomon

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and Zara fronts during the war in the early 1980s. He led the battle of Massawa in 1977; He also, along with Ogbe Abraha, led the battle to liberate the...

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Guinea". Retrieved May 14, 2021. "M 6.6 - 144 km NE of Massawa, Eritrea". Retrieved January 11, 2022. "4.4 magnitude...

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explorers, James Theodore Bent and his wife Mabel Bent, travelled by boat to Massawa on the west coast of the Red Sea. They then made their way overland to...

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Telecommunications in Ethiopia

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by a line that ran from Addis Ababa through Tigray into Eritrea and to Massawa; and the next year by a line again from Addis Ababa to Gore in the province...

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Amelia Earhart

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Ninety-Nines), Oklahoma. Earhart Road, located next to the Oakland International Airport North Field in Oakland, California. Amelia Earhart Playhouse, at...

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Economy of Eritrea

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Asia, and there is hope that the construction of a new, jet-capable airport in Massawa, as well as rehabilitation of the port there, may support increased...

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The Petrella Airport (officially called "Aeroporto Petrella di Mogadiscio") was the first international airport in Italian Somalia. It was opened in 1928...

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docks in Massawa, a cement factory in Massawa, the Gura airport, the Massawa-Asmara funicular railroad, and parts of the railroad line from Massawa to Asmara...

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the two main cities of Libya, Tripoli and Benghazi, with new ports and airports, new hospitals and schools and many new roads & buildings. Also tourism...

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Benghazi was enlarged and nearby was created a modern Hospital. Also a new airport was built. In 1934, Italian Cyrenaica and Italian Tripolitania became part...

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Timeline of the Tigray War

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government would soon "conduct missile attacks to foil military movements in Massawa and Asmara". The federal government claimed that the attacks were "indicative...

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Taxi livery

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minibuses can occasionally be found with white liveries. The taxis in Massawa are often large, like a minibus. In Nigeria, each state has its own taxi...

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Italian Tripolitania

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the enlargement of the port of Tripoli and the creation of the Tripoli airport. A group of villages for Italians and Libyans was created on coastal Tripolitania...

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Italian Ethiopia

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automobilistici (Citao)" (Mechanic & Transport industry). Italians also created new airports and in 1936 started the worldwide famous Linea dell'Impero, a flight connecting...

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Abiy Ahmed

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likewise opens the possibility for Ethiopia to resume using the Ports of Massawa and Asseb, which, prior to the Ethio-Eritrean conflict, were its main ports...

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Taxis by country

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inner city and southern side of the town have a lot of taxis. The taxis in Massawa are often large like minibusses, but are still taxis. They are also yellow...

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Italian Somaliland

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arch was built at the center of Mogadishu Garden. The Mogadishu International Airport was constructed that same year. The facility was regarded as one...

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leopard skins from the chief of the Dahlak islands (off the coast from Massawa). Stephen W. Day Regionalism and Rebellion in Yemen: A Troubled National...

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History of Somalia

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command of Estêvão da Gama was sent from Portuguese India and arrived at Massawa in February 1541. Here, he received an ambassador from the Emperor beseeching...

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