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Məṣṣəwaʿ (ምጽዋዕ)
Clockwise from top:
Port of Massawa, Administration building, Shiekh Hamaal Mosque, St Mariam Orthodox Cathedral Church, Massawa Island causeway
Tigrinya: ሉል ቀይሕ ባሕሪ Pearl of the Red Sea
Massawa is located in Eritrea
Location within Eritrea
Massawa is located in Horn of Africa
Location within the Horn of Africa
Massawa is located in Africa
Location within Africa
Coordinates: 15°36′35″N 39°27′00″E / 15.60972°N 39.45000°E / 15.60972; 39.45000
RegionSemienawi Keyih Bahri Region
 • AdministratorKidane Weldesilase
 • Total477 km2 (184 sq mi)
6 m (20 ft)
 • Total53,090
 • Density110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)
Area code+291 4

Massawa or Mitsiwa (/məˈsɑːwə/ mə-SAH-wə; Tigrinya: ምጽዋዕ, romanized: Məṣṣəwaʿ; Tigre: ባጸዕ, Baṣäʿ or ባድዕ, Badəʿ; Ge'ez: ምጽዋ; Arabic: مَصَّوَع; Italian: Massaua; Portuguese: Maçuá) is a port city in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea, located on the Red Sea at the northern end of the Gulf of Zula beside the Dahlak Archipelago.[2] It has been a historically important port for many centuries. Massawa has been ruled or occupied by a succession of polities during its history, including the Kingdom of Aksum, the Ethiopian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Italy.

Massawa was the capital of the Italian Colony of Eritrea until the seat of the colonial government was moved to Asmara in 1897.[3]

Massawa has an average temperature of nearly 30 °C (86.0 °F), which is one of the highest experienced in the world, and is "one of the hottest marine coastal areas in the world."[4]

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Massawa or Mitsiwa (/məˈsɑːwə/ mə-SAH-wə; Tigrinya: ምጽዋዕ, romanized: Məṣṣəwaʿ; Tigre: ባጸዕ, Baṣäʿ or ባድዕ, Badəʿ; Ge'ez: ምጽዋ; Arabic: مَصَّوَع; Italian:...

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Beginning in 1885–1890, Italian troops systematically spread out from Massawa toward the highlands, eventually resulting in the formation of the colony...

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Battle of Massawa may refer to: Battle of Massawa (1541) Battle of Massawa (1977) Battle of Massawa (1990) This disambiguation page lists articles associated...

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Massawa International Airport (IATA: MSW, ICAO: HHMS) is an airport in Massawa, a major city in the Northern Red Sea region of Eritrea. It is considered...

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Massawa Subregion is a subregion in the Northern Red Sea region (Zoba Semienawi Keyih Bahri) of Eritrea. Its capital lies at Massawa. The district has...

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1887 and 1932 during the Italian Eritrea colony and connects the port of Massawa with Asmara. Originally it also connected to Bishia. The line was partly...

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Second Battle of Massawa

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Battle of Massawa (also known as Operation Fenkil and as the Fenkil offensive) took place in 1990 in and around the coastal city of Massawa in Eritrea...

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Mosque of the Companions

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romanized: Masjid aṣ-Ṣaḥābah)[citation needed] is a mosque in the city of Massawa, Eritrea. Possibly dating to the early 7th century C.E., it is believed...

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The Massawa Circuit is a cycling race held annually in Massawa, Eritrea since 2016. It is rated 1.2 and is part of UCI Africa Tour. "2016 Massawa Circuit"...

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the airline, which operated domestic routes between Asmara, Assab and Massawa. Red Sea Air had a fleet of BAC 1-11s The airline operated from 1988 to...

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Company in 1869, which came under government control in 1882. Occupation of Massawa in 1885 and the subsequent expansion of territory would gradually engulf...

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Battle of Keren

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colonial capital of Italian Eritrea at Asmara and the Red Sea port of Massawa, which surrendered to the British after the battle. Colonised by the Italians...

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The First Battle of Massawa took place from 1977 to 1978 in and around the coastal city of Massawa in Eritrea. The port was besieged by the Eritrean People's...

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(and primary) base—the Haile Selassie I Naval Base—was established at Massawa in 1956. The navy took delivery of its first ship in 1957. By the early...

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List of colonial governors of Eritrea

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Incumbent Notes Massawa Ottoman Province 1687 — 1663 Keki Abdi Pasha, Na’ib of Arkiko, Wali of Massawa Na’ib of Arkiko, Wali of Massawa 1693–1693 Mehmed...

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Habesh Eyalet

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Suakin and Massawa were occupied by Özdemir Pasha, who had been appointed beylerbey in 1555, and the province of Habesh was formed in 1557. Massawa being of...

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with the port of Massawa; however, it was nonoperational since 1978 except for about a 5 kilometre stretch that was reopened in Massawa in 1994. Rehabilitation...

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various parts of the Red Sea. Until 1855 he served as French consul at Massawa, when he moved to Keren where he spent the next six years exploring the...

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Religion in Eritrea

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intervention of the Portuguese transformed the flow of events. They landed at Massawa in 1541 and helped the Eritreans and Ethiopians to drive the Imams forces...

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Italian Empire

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it annexed the port of Massawa in Eritrea on the Red Sea from the crumbling Egyptian Empire. Italian annexation of Massawa denied the Ethiopian Empire...

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Amelia Earhart

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437 June 13, 1937 Khartoum, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Massawa, Italian East Africa 400 June 14, 1937 Massawa, Italian East Africa Assab, Italian East Africa...

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millennium and enjoyed some importance as it stood on the trade route to Massawa. Asmara first rose to prominence during the 20th century, when it became...

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have shot down 41 Japanese aircraft. Wallin had been assigned to go to Massawa in East Africa. The harbor there was blocked by scuttled Italian and German...

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1921 Massawa earthquake

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The 1921 Massawa earthquake took place off the coast of Massawa, Eritrea, on August 14 with a moment magnitude of 6.1 and a Mercalli intensity of VIII...

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