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Lualaba Province information

Jimbo la Lualaba (Swahili)
Official seal of Lualaba
Location of Lualaba
Coordinates: 10°43′S 25°28′E / 10.717°S 25.467°E / -10.717; 25.467
CountryLualaba Province DR Congo
Established2015 (2015)
Named forLualaba River
and largest city
 • GovernorFifi Masuka Saini (acting)[1]
 • Total121,308 km2 (46,837 sq mi)
 • Rank8th
 (2020 est.)
 • Total3,183,300
 • Rank13th
 • Density26/km2 (68/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)
License Plate CodeDemocratic Republic of the Congo CGO / 14
Official languageFrench
National languageKiswahili

Lualaba Province (Jimbo la Lualaba, in Swahili) is one of the 21 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo created in the 2015 repartitioning. Lualaba, Haut-Katanga, Haut-Lomami, and Tanganyika provinces are the result of the dismemberment of the former Katanga province.[2] Lualaba was formed from the Lualaba and Kolwezi districts. Kolwezi was a hybrid city/district which was separated from its two territories and the city proper became the capital of the new province. The 2020 population was estimated to be 3,183,300.[3]

Along with Haut-Katanga, Lualaba is in the Copperbelt of Central Africa. The DRC is only behind Chile, Peru, and the PRC in largest amount of copper produced globally.

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