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Map of Fiji showing the islands of Lomaiviti and several other islands
LocationSouthwest Pacific
Coordinates17°42′32″S 179°05′28″E / 17.709°S 179.091°E / -17.709; 179.091
Major islands
  • Gau
  • Ovalau
  • Koro
  • Nairai
  • Moturiki
  • Wakaya
  • Makogai
Area411 km2 (159 sq mi)
ProvinceLomaiviti Province
Capital citySuva
Population15,657 (2017)

The Lomaiviti (pronounced [lomaiˈβitʃi]) archipelago of Fiji consists of seven main islands and a number of smaller ones. They cover a total area of 411 square kilometres (159 sq mi), and had a population of 15,657 at the most recent census in 2017.[1] The largest town, with a population of 1,131 in 2007, is Levuka, which was Fiji's first modern town and served as the capital from 1871 to 1877.

  1. ^ 2017 Fiji population and housing census : administration report and general tables. Fiji. Bureau of Statistics. Suva, Fiji. September 2018. ISBN 9789825100553. OCLC 1083608541.{{cite book}}: CS1 maint: location missing publisher (link) CS1 maint: others (link)

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Lomaiviti Islands

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The Lomaiviti (pronounced [lomaiˈβitʃi]) archipelago of Fiji consists of seven main islands and a number of smaller ones. They cover a total area of 411...

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Lomaiviti may refer to: Lomaiviti Islands Lomaiviti District Lomaiviti Province Lomaiviti language Lomaiviti (Fijian Communal Constituency, Fiji) This...

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List of islands in the Pacific Ocean

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The Pacific islands are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are further categorized into three major island groups: Melanesia, Micronesia, and...

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List of islands of Fiji

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smallest is the Conway Reef Islands and Skerries, and the largest is the Vanua Levu Group. Geography of Fiji 2013-2014. Fiji Islands Visitor Guide. A copyright...

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Lomaiviti Province

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traditional chiefly hierarchies in Fiji. Geographically it consists of the Lomaiviti Islands and has a total land area of 41 square kilometers. At the most recent...

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Mamanuca Islands

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Mamanuca Islands (Fijian: [mamaˈnuða]) of Fiji are a volcanic archipelago lying to the west of Nadi and to the south of the Yasawa Islands. The group...

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Lau Islands

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The Moala Islands had closer affiliation with Bau Island and Lomaiviti than with Lau, but Ma'afu's conquest united them with the Lau Islands. They have...

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Levuka Airfield

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Airfield (IATA: LEV, ICAO: NFNB) is an airport on the island of Ovalau, one of the Lomaiviti Islands in Fiji. Also well known as Bureta Airport, it is located...

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Kadavu Island

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term "Yanu" (meaning island or islanders), to forge a relationship. However the term "Yanu" is also called between Lau, Lomaiviti and Yasawa groups. Origin...

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Lomaiviti language

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Lomaiviti is an East Fijian language spoken by about 1,600 people on a number of islands of Fiji. Lomaiviti at Ethnologue (18th ed., 2015) (subscription...

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Gau Airport

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Gau Airport (IATA: NGI, ICAO: NFNG) is an airport on Gau Island, one of the Lomaiviti Islands in Fiji. It is operated by Airports Fiji Limited. The airport...

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Ovalau (pronounced [oβaˈlau]) is the sixth largest island in Fiji. It is located in Lomaiviti Archipelago. Situated at 17.70° South and 178.8° East, (60 km...

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Wakaya Island

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kilometres (11 mi) to the east of Ovalau, the main island in the Lomaiviti Group. Two other islands close to Wakaya are Makogai to the north, and Batiki...

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Castaway Island

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past several other Mamanuca Islands. Known traditionally by the Fijians as “Qalito”, Castaway Island today is a private island resort used for holidays and...

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Mago Island

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-179.150 Mago Island (pronounced [ˈmaŋo]) is a volcanic island that lies in the northwest sector of Fiji's northern Lau Group of islands. One of the largest...

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uninhabited island situated off the coast of Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands, in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean. Monuriki is part of the Atolls islands, and...

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Denarau Island

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17°46′23″S 177°22′23″E / 17.773°S 177.373°E / -17.773; 177.373 Denarau Island (Fijian pronunciation: [ⁿdenarau̯]) is a small private resort development...

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left a mile off the island that breaks over coral reef. Tavarua hosts annual professional surfing competitions. Geography portal Islands portal Oceania portal...

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Nanuya Levu

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(pronounced [naˈnuja ˈleβu]) is a privately owned island of the Yasawa Group in Fiji and the site of the Turtle Island Resort, a sustainable luxury resort and also...

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Koro Airport

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Airport (IATA: KXF, ICAO: NFNO) is an airport serving Koro, one of the Lomaiviti Islands in Fiji. It is operated by Airports Fiji Limited. The airport resides...

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Yasawa Islands

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-16.917; 177.333 The Yasawa Group is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands in the Western Division of Fiji, with an approximate total area of 135...

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Naulumatua. He established Nauluvatu village. Many islands and villages in the northern Lau islands were under political control or influence by Laucala:...

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Geography of Fiji

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the Lomaiviti Group (just off Suva) with Levuka, the former capital and the only major town on any of the smaller islands, located on the island of Ovalau...

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Viti Levu

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Company LTD, connects Viti Levu to the rest of the islands. Nausori International Airport is on the main island. It has service on 3 domestic commercial passenger...

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Vanua Levu

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000 acres (2,023 hectares) of the island to house its population, which is expected to need to move as their islands are inundated by rising sea levels...

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Koro Island

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Fijian) is a volcanic island of Fiji that forms part of the Lomaiviti Archipelago. The Koro Sea is named after this volcanic island, which has a chain of...

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Gau Island

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pronunciation: [ˈŋau], also known as Ngau in English) is an island belonging to Fiji's Lomaiviti archipelago. Located at 18.00° S and 179.30 °E, it covers...

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Cobia Island

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Islands. The island and its surrounding reef were described in Alexander Agassiz's publication, The Islands and Coral Reefs of Fiji (1899). Islands portal...

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Moala Islands

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The Moala Islands are a subgroup of Fiji's Lau archipelago. Its three islands (Matuku, Moala, and Totoya) have a total land area of approximately 119 km2...

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