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Litoral Province information

Litoral Province may refer to:

  • Litoral Province (Equatorial Guinea)
  • Litoral Province (Bolivia)

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Litoral Province

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Litoral Province may refer to: Litoral Province (Equatorial Guinea) Litoral Province (Bolivia) Littoral Province (Cameroon) Littoral (disambiguation) Coastal...

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Beira Litoral Province

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Beira Litoral is a former province (província) of Portugal, formally instituted in an administrative reform of 1936. It was abolished with the 1976 Constitution...

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Douro Litoral Province

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Douro Litoral (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈdowɾu lituˈɾal]) is a historical province of Portugal. It is centered on the city of Porto, now the capital...

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Litoral Department

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The Department of the Litoral, also known as the Atacama Department and commonly known as the Bolivian coast, was the description of the extent of the...

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Estuaire Province

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borders the Republic of Equatorial Guinea: the Litoral Province in the northwest, and the Centro Sur Province in the northeast. Domestically, it borders the...

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Beira Alta Province (extinct) Beira Baixa Province (extinct) Beira Litoral Province (extinct) Beira, Mozambique, a port city in Mozambique Port of Beira...

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Bairrada DOC

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Bairrada is a Portuguese wine region located in the Beira Litoral Province. The region has Portugal's highest wine classification as a Denominação de Origem...

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Subdivisions of Portugal

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examples: Minho: Province / Subregion Alto Alentejo: Province / Subregion Baixo Alentejo: Province / Subregion Douro Litoral: Province / Subregion Trás-os-Montes:...

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to: Cameroon Campo, Cameroon, in the South Province Equatorial Guinea Río Campo, in the Litoral Province France Campo, Corse-du-Sud, a commune on the...

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Department of Ica

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is the most important port in Ica and a litoral province. The most important attractions within this province are likely Paracas, Paracas Bay and the...

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Turduli Oppidani

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Lusitanians. They occupied the Portuguese region of Estremadura-Beira Litoral Province (coastal central Portugal), where they held the fortified towns (Oppida)...

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Corisco International Airport

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Corisco Airport, is an airport serving the island of Corisco in the Litoral Province of Equatorial Guinea. It was opened on 10 October 2011. The airport...

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and Boso bua Ndondjo from Mbini. Well known Okuyi dancers from the Litoral Province include Kungulu, Ngadi, Aduma and Ngüende a limba from Ekuku. The typical...

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Puna de Atacama

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recognition of Tarija as part of Bolivia. Chile, which had annexed the Litoral Province from Bolivia, declared the exchange illegal. The border was defined...

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Puna de Atacama dispute

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In the light that influential Bolivian politicians considered the Litoral Province to be lost forever, the adjacent Puna de Atacama appeared to be a remote...

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National University of the Littoral

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The National University of Litoral (Spanish: Universidad Nacional del Litoral, UNL) is a public university in Argentina. It is based in Santa Fe, the capital...

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