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Litoral Department information

Department of the Litoral
Departamento del Litoral
Department of Bolivia
Flag of Litoral Department

The Litoral Department in 1894[a]
CapitalLa Mar
• 1879
154,393 km2 (59,611 sq mi)
• 1879
Historical era19th Century
• Created as Atacama Department
29 January 1825
• Reorganized as the Litoral Province
1 July 1829
• Reorganized as the Litoral District
c. 26 October 1839[1]
• Reorganized as the Litoral Department
2 January 1867
• Chilean Invasion of Antofagasta
14 February 1879
• War of the Pacific begins
5 April 1879
• Treaty of Valparaiso
4 April 1884
• Antofagasta Province created by Chile
September 1888
• Ceded to Chile
20 October 1904
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Litoral Department Potosí Department
Antofagasta Province Litoral Department
Today part ofChile

The Department of the Litoral, also known as the Atacama Department[2] and commonly known as the Bolivian coast, was the description of the extent of the Pacific coast of the Atacama Desert included in the territory of Bolivia from its inception in 1825 until 1879, when it was lost to Chile.

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  2. ^ Bolivia: Geographical Sketch, Natural Resources, Laws, Economic Conditions, Actual Development, Prospects of Future Growth. International Bureau of the American Republics. 1904. pp. 67–68.

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