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List of equipment of the Burkina Faso Armed Forces information

This is a list of equipment used by the Burkina Faso Armed Forces.

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List of equipment of the Burkina Faso Armed Forces

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This is a list of equipment used by the Burkina Faso Armed Forces. Jones, Richard D. Jane's Infantry Weapons 2009/2010. Jane's Information Group; 35 edition...

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Burkina Faso Armed Forces

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The Burkina Faso Armed Forces (French: Forces armées du Burkina Faso) is the term used for the national military of Burkina Faso. The service branches...

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Lists of currently active military equipment by country

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Burkina Faso Armed Forces List of aircraft of the Burkina Faso Air Force List of equipment of the Burundi National Defence Force List of equipment of...

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2014 Burkina Faso uprising

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The 2014 Burkina Faso uprising was a series of demonstrations and riots in Burkina Faso in October 2014 that quickly spread to multiple cities. They began...

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Burkina Faso

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333°N 1.833°W / 12.333; -1.833 Burkina Faso (UK: /bɜːrˌkiːnə ˈfæsoʊ/, US: /- ˈfɑːsoʊ/ (listen); French: [buʁkina faso], Fula: 𞤄𞤵𞤪𞤳𞤭𞤲𞤢 𞤊𞤢𞤧𞤮)...

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Egyptian Armed Forces

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Italy, Ukraine and Britain. Many of the equipment is manufactured locally at Egyptian factories. The Egyptian armed forces celebrate their anniversary on...

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List of countries by number of military and paramilitary personnel

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personnel in paramilitary forces: armed units that are not considered part of a nation's formal military forces. The total number of active, reserve, and paramilitary...

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Wagner Group

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the ruling junta demanded France withdraw its troops, numbering between 200 and 400 special forces members, from Burkina Faso, after battling the jihadists...

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List of countries with overseas military bases

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Air Base Burkina Faso – Several facilities in the country as part of Operation Barkhane Mauritania – Several facilities in the country as part of Operation...

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Operation Barkhane

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and the remaining soldiers split between a surveillance base in Niger, a bigger permanent base in Ivory Coast, and some special forces in Burkina Faso. According...

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Armed Forces of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

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The Armed Forces of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya consisted of the Libyan Army, Libyan Air Force and the Libyan Navy and other services including the People's...

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Otokar Cobra

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there were three killed and four wounded in the incident.  Azerbaijan  Algeria  Bahrain  Bangladesh  Burkina Faso  Chad  Ghana  Georgia  Kazakhstan  Kosovo...

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Private first class

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lower (E-2) than the similarly titled US Army rank. Soldat de 1ère classe (Benin Army) Soldat de 1ère classe (Burkina Faso Ground Forces) Soldat de 1ère...

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 Angola  Armenia  Azerbaijan  Bangladesh Type 54.  Belarus  Bulgaria  Burkina Faso  Burundi  Cambodia  Cameroon  Cape Verde  Central African Republic  Chad...

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Ferret armoured car

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the standard B60 engine.[citation needed]  Abu Dhabi: 65  Bahrain: 8  Burkina Faso: 30  Burma: 45  Brunei  Cameroon: 15  Central African Republic: 8  Gambia:...

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List of wars involving Sweden

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km de Bamako" (in French). Retrieved 14 January 2013. "MALI UPDATE 5: Burkina Faso, Nigeria to send troops to Mali". Retrieved 13...

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List of civil wars

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December 2012  Yemen, Second Yemeni Civil War, since 16 September 2014  Burkina Faso, Islamist insurgency, since August 23, 2015  Afghanistan, Islamic State–Taliban...

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Operation Juniper Shield

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to the ambush. ABC News also reported that there are 300 U.S. military personnel in Burkina Faso and Cameroon carrying out the same task as US forces in...

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List of paratrooper forces

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Retrieved 13 April 2020. "Commando Hubert elite of French Special Forces in action in Burkina Faso". 13 May 2019. Retrieved 25 April...

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The Jagdkommando (English: Hunting Commando) is the Austrian Armed Forces' special forces unit. The unit is based at Wiener Neustadt. The unit is known...

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Commandos Marine

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2019: Burkina Faso hostage rescue by Commando Hubert The Commandos Marine are featured in the movie Forces spéciales. Fusiliers Marins FORFUSCO List of French...

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Land Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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The Land Forces (French: Forces Terrestres), also called the Congolese Army, are the land warfare component and the largest branch of the Armed Forces...

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History of Guinea

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and Blaise Compaoré, President of Burkina Faso, produced a formal statement of twelve principles promising a return of Guinea to civilian rule within...

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Central Security Forces

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The creation of those forces followed the paramilitary model, and became close – in formation, training, equipment and operating procedures – to the Italian...

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List of main battle tanks by country

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Archived from the original on 2009-06-06. Pike, John. "Iranian Ground Forces Equipment". Retrieved 3 November 2018. "ЦАМТО / Главное...

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Takuba Task Force

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The Takuba Task Force was a European military task force placed under French command, established to advise, assist and accompany Malian Armed Forces...

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