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In the past, after harvest time, Vietnamese people made handicraft works to meet their own needs. Their products are very skillful and sophisticated, even though they are farmers and do not specialize in handicrafts. The techniques were kept secret, but taught to relatives or fellow villagers.

The village, therefore, became a very important institution in the handicraft industry. The village's name became the trademark of handicraft products made by its villagers. Đình - the village's temple became the place of worship and Tổ nghề the man who first taught the villagers to do these handicraft works.

When urbanization came to Vietnam, many people came to towns/cities and professionalized in the handicraft works they had done in their old village. They did not compete with one another but gathered in phường/hội, the new form of handicraft village, to help others to improve.

The Vietnamese government has recognised about 1500 handicraft villages, of which about 300 are traditional handicraft villages. These villages maintain the country's handicraft heritage.

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List of Vietnamese handicraft villages

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