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Legion of Merit

Last Update:

The Legion of Merit (LOM) is a military award of the United States Armed Forces that is given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance...

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Foreign Legion Recruiting Group

Last Update:

"Foreign Legion Recruiting Group | French Foreign Legion Information". Retrieved 2022-03-26.

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2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment

Last Update:

Honour shared by all Foreign Legion Regiments, no matter when it was formed.

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Dark Legions

Last Update:

Dark Legions is a 1994 action strategy game for MS-DOS. It was developed by Silicon Knights and published by Strategic Simulations (SSI). Some key features...

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Czechoslovak Legion in Italy

Last Update:

The Czechoslovak Italian Legion was a legion of Czechoslovak volunteers formed late in World War I. The first formal Czechoslovak Volunteers Group (Czech:...

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Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

Last Update: [bare URL PDF]

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Corazon Aquino

Last Update:

prices) 1986 Php 10,622 1991 Php 11,250 Total exports 1986 Php 160,571 million 1991 Php 231,515 million Exchange rates 1986 1 USD = 20.38 Php 1 Php = 0.05 USD...

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Vladimir Dzhanibekov

Last Update:

Foreign awards: Hero of the Mongolian People's Republic Commander of the Legion of Honour (France) Order of the Banner of the Hungarian People's Republic...

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Norman Brigade

Last Update:

ine/deux-combattants-quebecois-fauches.php "Canadian sniper from famed regiment joins Ukraine's foreign legion: 'I have to help'". The Independent. 2022-03-10...

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Fuzzy Knight

Last Update:

Fuzzy Knight) on the 1955 television series Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion.: 236  In semi-retirement thereafter, Knight continued to make occasional...

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Last Update:

does not refer to a distinctive military unit or division (e.g., the Roman legion or the contemporary Western-type battalion), but to the type of formation...

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Carl von Clausewitz

Last Update:

many Prussian officers serving in Russia, he joined the Russian–German Legion in 1813. In the service of the Russian Empire, Clausewitz helped negotiate...

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Ramon Magsaysay

Last Update:

(March 17, 1958) Military Medals (Foreign)  United States:: Commander, Legion of Merit (13 June 1952) Foreign Honors  Thailand: Knight Grand Cordon(Special...

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Collaboration with Imperial Japan

Last Update:

police force. The Indian Legion (Legion Freies Indien, Indische Freiwilligen Infanterie Regiment 950 or Indische Freiwilligen-Legion der Waffen-SS) was created...

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List of Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launches

Last Update:

of the WorldView Legion satellites to be in January 2023 assuming no major issues arise. The second launch of the WorldView Legion satellites is still...

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Gutzon Borglum

Last Update:

Connecticut in 1914 and lived there for 10 years. He sheltered Czechoslovak Legion members on his land at Stamford in 1917. Borglum was an active member of...

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John McCain

Last Update:

World BellBoard. [online] Available at: [Accessed August 30, 2018]. (2018). Ringing...

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Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

Last Update:

March 2012. Amberish Diwanji (23 August 2004). "Who was Veer Savarkar?" (PHP). Archived from the original on 13 May 2006. Retrieved 28 July 2006. Stephen...

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