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The Lebu (Lebou, Lébou) are a subgroup of Wolof in Senegal, West Africa, living on the peninsula of Cap-Vert, site of Dakar. The Lebu are primarily a fishing community, but they have a substantial business in construction supplies and real estate.[1][2] They speak Lebu Wolof, which is closely related to Wolof proper but is not intelligible with it.

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  2. ^ Gellar, Sheldon (2020). Senegal: An African Nation Between Islam And The West, Second Edition. Routledge. ISBN 978-1-000-31124-2.

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Lebu people

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Lebu society emphasizes piety and respect for elders. Lebu families include not only living people but also associated ancestral spirits. The Lebu are...

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Biobio Region of Chile LEBU, acronym for Large Eddy Break Up Libu or Lebu, Egyptian term for the people of Libya Lebu people, a Senegalese ethnic group...

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Wolof people

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originated as the language of the Lebu people. It is the most widely spoken language in Senegal, spoken natively by the Wolof people (40% of the population) but...

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Lebu Wolof

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distinctiveness of the language was obscured by the fact that all Lebu people are bilingual in Wolof. Lebu Wolof is the source of standard Wolof, the national language...

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Toucouleur people

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The Toucouleur people or Tukulor people (Arabic: توكولور, French: Toucouleur), also called Haalpulaar (Ajami: هَالْݒُلَارْ‎, Adlam: 𞤖𞤢𞥄𞤤𞤨𞤵𞤤𞤢𞥄𞤪)...

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Jola people

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Casamance region in the 14th century, assimilating the previous Bainuk people and their rice tradition. In colonial times, the Jola began to cultivate...

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Lebus (Polish: Lubusz) is a historic town in the Märkisch-Oderland District of Brandenburg, Germany. It is the administrative seat of Amt ("collective...

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Serer people

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ISBN 1-59213-420-3 David P. Gamble. The Wolof of Senegambia: together with notes on the Lebu and the Serer, p77. International African Institute, 1957 Ali Colleen Neff...

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unusual downward-pointing star as symbolizing the Holy Spirit descending on people. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and others perpetuated the popularity of the...

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house, the more courageous the owner is seen to be. In Senegal, the Lebu people believe the saw can protect their family, house and livestock. In the...

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Cap-Vert peninsula was settled no later than the 15th century, by the Lebu people, an aquacultural subgroup of the Wolof ethnic group. The original villages—Ouakam...

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Demographics of Senegal

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The average population density for the country is 68 people per square kilometer (180 people/sq mi). French is the official language but is used regularly...

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name from Bang julo, the Mandinka word for rope fibre that the Mandinka people gathered on the island.[citation needed] In 1651, Banjul was leased by the...

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Like the Kingdom of Sine, the population is overrun and ruled by the Serer people. The two are generally referred to as the Serer Kingdoms. Many parts of...

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through the interaction of Berbers from the Sahara and "Negro agricultural peoples" who were "essentially Serer". The Serer language and religion (A ƭat Roog)...

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Flag of Senegal

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instead of the green star." Niasse himself stated ""Only the Senegalese people is sovereign to decide any modification of the symbols of our Republic"...

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Religion in the Gambia

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People seek advice from them to obtain any form of good fortune and luck. The local herbalists/marabout make these Juju waistbands to protect people from...

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Jola people Lebu people Toucouleur people Wolof people...

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List of kingdoms in Africa throughout history

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Nigeria) Lebou Republic (1790–1857/present AD) (Lebu people) Solima Kingdom(18th century–1884 AD) (Yalunka people) Sankaran Kingdom (18th century AD–?) (referred...

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Senegambian stone circles

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Possible candidates are the ancestors of the Jola people or the Wolof but some believe that the Serer people are the builders. This hypothesis comes from the...

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Harris Lebus

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Harris Lebus was a furniture manufacturer and wholesaler based in the East End of London in Tabernacle Street with a factory in Ferry Lane, Tottenham...

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Senegalese wrestling

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Bambara) is a type of folk wrestling traditionally performed by the Serer people and now a national sport in Senegal and parts of The Gambia, and is part...

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Editions Africaines, 1983, ISBN 2-7236-0877-8 For more about the Serer-Ndut people, see  : Dupire, Marguerite, "Sagesse sereer: Essais sur la pensée sereer...

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Niominka people

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The Niominka people (also called Niuminka or Nyominka) are an ethnic group in Senegal living on the islands of the Saloum River delta. They are currently...

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that is also played in the Gambia. It is associated with Wolof and Serer people. The drum is generally played with one hand and one stick. Among its most...

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Kingdom of Sine

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respectively). The history of Sine, which has been inhabited by the Serer people for centuries, can be divided into three main Serer historic periods (see...

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Jola people Lebu people Toucouleur people Wolof people...

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Serer religion

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is the original religious beliefs, practices, and teachings of the Serer people of Senegal in West Africa. The Serer religion believes in a universal supreme...

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for the early history of Baol, and even oral traditions are sparse. Serer people moved into the region in the 11th or 12th century, fleeing Islamization...

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