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Lau Islands is located in Pacific Ocean
Lau Islands
Lau Islands
Location of the Lau Islands in the Pacific Ocean

The Lau Islands aka little Tonga (also called the Lau Group, the Eastern Group, the Eastern Archipelago) of Fiji are situated in the southern Pacific Ocean, just east of the Koro Sea. Of this chain of about sixty islands and islets, about thirty are inhabited. The Lau Group covers a land area of 188 square miles (487 square km), and had a population of 10,683 at the most recent census in 2007. While most of the northern Lau Group are high islands of volcanic origin, those of the south are mostly carbonate low islands.

Administratively the islands belong to Lau Province.

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Lau Islands

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Lau Islands The Lau Islands aka little Tonga (also called the Lau Group, the Eastern Group, the Eastern Archipelago) of Fiji are situated in the southern...

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Americas. Anuta (in Solomon Islands) Bellona Island (in Solomon Islands) Emae (in Vanuatu) Fiji (excluding Rotuma and the Lau Islands) Mele (in Vanuatu) Nuguria...

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100 sq mi). The most outlying island group is Ono-i-Lau. About 87% of the total population of 924,610 live on the two major islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu...

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up Lau or lau in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Lau or LAU may refer to: Lau (surname) Liu (劉/刘), a common Chinese family name transliterated Lau in...

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List of islands of Fiji

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This is a list of islands of Fiji. Fiji is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is split into 9 separate geographic island groups. The smallest is...

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List of islands in the Pacific Ocean

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Collectively called the Pacific Islands, the islands in the Pacific Ocean are further categorized into three major groups: Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia...

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Mamanuca Islands

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Mamanuca Islands (Fijian: [mamaˈnuða]) of Fiji are a volcanic archipelago lying to the west of Nadi and to the south of the Yasawa Islands. The group...

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Lau Province

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eastern Fiji. Geographically it consists of the Lau Archipelago. The Lau group comprises 60-some islands and has a total land area of 487 square kilometers...

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Naulumatua. He established Nauluvatu village. Many islands and villages in the northern Lau islands were under political control or influence by Laucala:...

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Philippine mahogany Lauan ground skink, a species of lizard found on the Lau Islands of Fiji Lauan language, a language spoken in East Fiji Lauan plywood...

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Brachylophus fasciatus

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Brachylophus fasciatus, the Lau banded iguana, is an arboreal species of lizard endemic to the Lau Islands of the eastern part of the Fijian archipelago...

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List of airports in Fiji

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Republic of the Fiji Islands, is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean about 2,000 km (1,200 mi) north of New Zealand's North Island. Its immediate neighbors...

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Cyclone Wilma

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and Lau Islands. On the morning of 25 January, Wilma blew over Tonga as a severe tropical cyclone. Major damage was reported in the Ha'apai Islands of...

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Koro Sea

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Levu island, Fiji to the west and the Lau Islands to the east, surrounded by the islands of the Fijian archipelago. It is named after Koro Island. Murray...

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ceded the islands to the United Kingdom in 1874. Other prominent chiefly clans include the Vuanirewa (the traditional rulers of the Lau Islands) and the...

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known as Lū in Tonga, Palusami in Fiji and Samoa and Rukau in the Cook Islands, is a Polynesian dish consisting of cooked taro leaves containing fillings...

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is composed of two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and smaller islands, including the Lau Islands. The names of islands in Melanesia can be confusing:...

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Leiolopisma alazon

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also known as the Lauan ground skink or Ono-i-Lau ground skink, is a species of skink found on Lau Islands of Fiji. The species is currently critically...

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Mago Island

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-179.150 Mago Island (pronounced [ˈmaŋo]) is a volcanic island that lies in the northwest sector of Fiji's northern Lau Group of islands. One of the largest...

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Matuku Island

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the islands conquered by Ma'afu, customs and traditions in the island of Matuku and its people divert from that of other conquered islands in the Lau group...

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Andrew Lau

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Andrew Lau Wai-keung (born 4 April 1960) is a Hong Kong film director, producer, and cinematographer. Lau began his career in the 1980s and 1990s, serving...

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Naitaba Island (Naitauba, Naitaba) is an island of the northern Lau Islands of Fiji. It is a triangular shaped island approximately 2.4 km (1.5 mi) in...

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Andy Lau

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Andy Lau Tak-wah BBS MH JP (Chinese: 劉德華; Jyutping: Lau4 Dak1 Waa4; born 27 September 1961) is a Hong Kong actor, singer-songwriter and film producer....

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(pronounced [kaˈimbu]) is an island in Fiji's Lau archipelago. A 22.4 kilometer-long reef encompasses Kaibu and the neighbouring island of Yacata, from which...

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Vanua Balavu

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the third largest island in Fiji's Lau archipelago, and the main island of the Northern Lau Group. This coral and volcanic island has a land area of...

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Vanuabalavu Airport

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Vanua Balavu, the second largest of the Lau Islands in Fiji. It is operated by Airports Fiji Limited. "Outer Island Airports". Airports Fiji Limited. Retrieved...

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Moala Islands

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are located west of the Lau Islands proper, and were historically linked more closely with Bau Island and Viti Levu than with Lau. They were unified by...

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of the Lau group. As stated in “Canoes of Oceania”, the camakau was particularly used in travelling between islands, and for chiefs of islands to visit...

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Lakeba Airport

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ICAO: NFNK) is an airport in Lakeba (pronounced [laˈkemba]), one of the Lau Islands in southern Fiji. It is operated by Airports Fiji Limited. The airport...

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(officially Lomaloma Tikina) is a village at the south of the island of Vanua Balavu in the Lau archipelago of Fiji. The settlement is part of the tribal...

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Lau Lagoon

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Lau Lagoon is a part of the Solomon Islands. It is located on the northeast coast of Malaita Island. The lagoon is more than 35 kilometers long and contains...

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Artificial island

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Solomon Islands, built about 60 artificial islands on the reef including Funaafou, Sulufou, and Adaege. The people of Lau Lagoon build islands on the reef...

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Moala Island

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volcanic island in the Moala subgroup of Fiji's Lau archipelago. It has an area of 62.5 square kilometers (24.1 sq mi), making it the ninth largest island of...

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Lakeba State

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by the end of the 17th century. This included the following southern Lau Islands: Kabara and its dependencies, Vuaqava, Marabo, Tavunasici, Komo, Fiji...

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Viti Levu

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the west; and the Hunter Fracture Zone (HFZ) and Lau Ridge to the east. The oldest rocks on the island are those formed during the Eocene and Lower Miocene...

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with the Polynesian Tongans has added to the cultural mix. In the Lau group of islands, aspects of both cultures still intermingle. There was active commerce...

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Vanua Levu

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also comprise the Northern Division of Fiji. Together with the remote Lau Islands, Vanua Levu and its outliers form the Tovata Confederacy, one of three...

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Denarau Island

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17°46′23″S 177°22′23″E / 17.773°S 177.373°E / -17.773; 177.373 Denarau Island is a small private resort development on the western side of Viti Levu in...

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left a mile off the island that breaks over coral reef. Tavarua hosts annual professional surfing competitions. Geography portal Islands portal Oceania portal...

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Turaga Na Ravunisa

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Ravunisa is a Fijian Chiefly title of the Lau Islands, in particular the village of Lomaloma on the Island of Vanua Balavu. The title holder must be the...

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Totoya is a volcanic island in the Moala subgroup of Fiji's Lau archipelago. It occupies an area of 28 km2, making it the smallest of the Yasayasa Moala...

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