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Plesiocystiscus larva

Last Update:

Plesiocystiscus larva (Bavay, 1922). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at:

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Dauer larva

Last Update:

12 The Dauer Larva. Cold Spring Harbor Monograph Archive, North America, 17 January 1988. Available at:

Word Count : 1077

Lophocampa caryae

Last Update:

characterized as contact dermatitis. There is one generation per year. The larva, a caterpillar, is completely covered in long, hairlike setae arranged in...

Word Count : 527

Puncturella larva

Last Update:

MolluscaBase. Puncturella larva (Dall, 1927). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at:

Word Count : 159

Maxima clam

Last Update:

within 12 hours, becoming a free-swimming larva. This larva then develops into another, more developed, larva which is capable of filter-feeding. At the...

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Last Update:

on the skin cells, but not blood, of animals. The six-legged parasitic larva feeds on a large variety of creatures, including humans, rabbits, wallabies...

Word Count : 839

Dicosmoecus gilvipes

Last Update:

Charlottesville, United States - Northern case-maker caddisfly larva, Dicosmoecus gilvipes, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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Bonellia viridis

Last Update:

presence of light, bonellin is a very effective biocide, killing bacteria, larva of other organisms, and red blood cells in laboratory tests. It is currently...

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Last Update:

Phengodidae, while in New Zealand and Australia, a "glow worm" is a luminescent larva of the fungus gnat Arachnocampa, within the true flies, Diptera. The phylogeny...

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Arrow poison

Last Update:

is derived from the larva and pupae of beetles of the genus Diamphidia. It is applied to the arrow either by crushing the larva directly onto the arrow...

Word Count : 1604

Diplozoon paradoxum

Last Update:

metamorphosis and become fused. The life cycle of D. paradoxum is unique. A diporpa larva can live for several months, but it cannot develop further until encountering...

Word Count : 430

Gasterophilus nasalis

Last Update:

Gasterophilus species, the larva hatches spontaneously, and the hatch is not triggered by an environmental factor. Once the larva hatched, it crawls to the...

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Last Update:

decreased vision. Dog feces can also contain hookworms that cause cutaneous larva migrans in humans. Dogs suffer from the same common disorders as humans;...

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Toxocara cati

Last Update:

through the viscera in humans. Depending on the location and number of the larva in the human host, the disease can either be asymptomatic or cause conditions...

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Last Update:

fertilization occurs. The resulting zygote becomes a free swimming planula larva which eventually settles onto a suitable substrate where it undergoes metamorphosis...

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Last Update:

day. After the eggs hatch, water currents aid the free-swimming ciliated larva in reaching its host. Once eggs are released into the water and have hatched...

Word Count : 955

Curculio nucum

Last Update:

synchronized with their host plants. Inside an infested nut, a cream/white larva with a brown head surrounded by excrement may be found. A hole in a nut...

Word Count : 978

List of video games developed in the Czech Republic

Last Update:

smartphony a tablety" na Startovači - Projekty". Czech http://bonusweb...

Word Count : 210

Household deity

Last Update:

to the brownie. He explains in some detail in his Deutsche Mythologie: Larva betrays its affinity to lar ..., and the good kindly lares were often held...

Word Count : 2752

Cthulhu Mythos deities

Last Update:

spider-webbed with a network of long, narrow tunnels. Each pustule bears the larva of a Great Old One. An invisible wolf-like fiend similar to Fenrir of Norse...

Word Count : 4948


Last Update:

by external fertilization. During development, the mantle cavity of the larva curls up and closes, creating the worm-like form of the adult. Caudofoveates...

Word Count : 1312

Lajonkairia lajonkairii

Last Update:

size, with a 40-millimeter female producing up to 2.4 million eggs. The larva, a trochophore, begins to develop a shell two days after it hatches from...

Word Count : 885

List of fishes of Colorado

Last Update:, 2020, Schnell, B. 2014. "Ambloplites rupestris" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web...

Word Count : 3056

Steinernema carpocapsae

Last Update:

nematodes. The infective juvenile stage (IJ) is a modified third stage larva and is the only free-living stage of this nematode. It is a developmentally...

Word Count : 1440

Condylactis gigantea

Last Update:

proximity of separate sexed anemones. Fertilization produces a planula larva, which derives nutrients from yolk, thus larval death by starvation is unlikely...

Word Count : 1081

Island gigantism

Last Update:

1111/1475-4983.00197. Neither coconut crabs nor their relatives can swim beyond the larva stage, making the adults land animals in practice. Coconut crabs can weigh...

Word Count : 2924

European mantis

Last Update:

usually takes place in September or October, but the eggs overwinter and the larva do not hatch until the following spring. Hatching is strongly influenced...

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Aplysia punctata

Last Update:

continue to a larval stage, becoming temporary members of the plankton. Larva rapidly transform into juveniles with sexual maturity typically occurring...

Word Count : 1650

Vespula rufa

Last Update:

contents are evacuated to form the meconium at the bottom of the cell." The larva spins a cocoon, thereby entering the pupal stage. Workers and the majority...

Word Count : 2615

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