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Plesiocystiscus larva

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Plesiocystiscus larva (Bavay, 1922). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at:

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Puncturella larva

Last Update:

MolluscaBase. Puncturella larva (Dall, 1927). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at:

Word Count : 159

Dauer larva

Last Update:

particularly rhabditids including Caenorhabditis elegans, whereby the larva goes into a type of stasis and can survive harsh conditions. Since the entrance...

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Maxima clam

Last Update:

within 12 hours, becoming a free-swimming larva. This larva then develops into another, more developed, larva which is capable of filter-feeding. At the...

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Phengodidae, while in New Zealand and Australia, a "glow worm" is a luminescent larva of the fungus gnat Arachnocampa, within the true flies, Diptera. The phylogeny...

Word Count : 3946

Lophocampa caryae

Last Update:

characterized as contact dermatitis. There is one generation per year. The larva, a caterpillar, is completely covered in long, hairlike setae arranged in...

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on the skin cells, but not blood, of animals. The six-legged parasitic larva feeds on a large variety of creatures, including humans, rabbits, wallabies...

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fertilization occurs. The resulting zygote becomes a free swimming planula larva which eventually settles onto a suitable substrate where it undergoes metamorphosis...

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Diplozoon paradoxum

Last Update:

metamorphosis and become fused. The life cycle of D. paradoxum is unique. A diporpa larva can live for several months, but it cannot develop further until encountering...

Word Count : 443

Bonellia viridis

Last Update:

presence of light, bonellin is a very effective biocide, killing bacteria, larva of other organisms, and red blood cells in laboratory tests. It is currently...

Word Count : 490

Morphology of Diptera

Last Update:

taxonomy, as is wing venation. It displays a complete metamorphosis (egg, larva, pupa, adult), or holometabolous development. The larvae are legless, and...

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Household deity

Last Update:

to the brownie. He explains in some detail in his Deutsche Mythologie: Larva betrays its affinity to lar ..., and the good kindly lares were often held...

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Arrow poison

Last Update:

is derived from the larva and pupae of beetles of the genus Diamphidia. It is applied to the arrow either by crushing the larva directly onto the arrow...

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Dicosmoecus gilvipes

Last Update:

needles and twigs at their posterior. The fifth instar stage is where the larva is at its largest, averaging at 30 mm in length, with 40 mm being the maximum...

Word Count : 903

Curculio nucum

Last Update:

synchronized with their host plants. Inside an infested nut, a cream/white larva with a brown head surrounded by excrement may be found. A hole in a nut...

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Last Update:

decreased vision. Dog feces can also contain hookworms that cause cutaneous larva migrans in humans. The scientific evidence is mixed as to whether a dog's...

Word Count : 14307

Toxocara cati

Last Update:

through the viscera in humans. Depending on the location and number of the larva in the human host, the disease can either be asymptomatic or cause conditions...

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Last Update:

by external fertilization. During development, the mantle cavity of the larva curls up and closes, creating the worm-like form of the adult. Caudofoveates...

Word Count : 1312

Island gigantism

Last Update:

1111/1475-4983.00197. Neither coconut crabs nor their relatives can swim beyond the larva stage, making the adults land animals in practice. Coconut crabs can weigh...

Word Count : 2944

List of video games developed in the Czech Republic

Last Update:

smartphony a tablety" na Startovači - Projekty". Czech http://bonusweb...

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Lajonkairia lajonkairii

Last Update:

size, with a 40-millimeter female producing up to 2.4 million eggs. The larva, a trochophore, begins to develop a shell two days after it hatches from...

Word Count : 951

Gasterophilus nasalis

Last Update:

Gasterophilus species, the larva hatches spontaneously, and the hatch is not triggered by an environmental factor. Once the larva hatched, it crawls to the...

Word Count : 654

Cthulhu Mythos deities

Last Update:

spider-webbed with a network of long, narrow tunnels. Each pustule bears the larva of a Great Old One. An invisible wolf-like fiend similar to Fenrir of Norse...

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Last Update:

day. After the eggs hatch, water currents aid the free-swimming ciliated larva in reaching its host. Once eggs are released into the water and have hatched...

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List of Great Old Ones

Last Update:

website URL at As in the short poem Nyaghoggua of Robert Lowndes (1941)...

Word Count : 3589

European mantis

Last Update:

usually takes place in September or October, but the eggs overwinter and the larva do not hatch until the following spring. Hatching is strongly influenced...

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Steinernema carpocapsae

Last Update:

nematodes. The infective juvenile stage (IJ) is a modified third stage larva and is the only free-living stage of this nematode. It is a developmentally...

Word Count : 1440

Ricordea florida

Last Update:

new specimen, which is called laceration. Sexual reproduction produces a larva called a planula which once on the seabed develops into a new individual...

Word Count : 421

Condylactis gigantea

Last Update:

proximity of separate sexed anemones. Fertilization produces a planula larva, which derives nutrients from yolk, thus larval death by starvation is unlikely...

Word Count : 1081

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