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Lak may refer to: Laks (Caucasus), an ethnic group of Dagestan, North Caucasus, Russia Lak (tribe), a Kurdish tribe in Iran and Turkey. Hamed Lak (born...

Word Count : 211

Khao Lak

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Khao Lak (Thai: เขาหลัก, pronounced [kʰǎw làk]) is a series of villages, now tourist-oriented, mainly in the Takua Pa District and partly in the Thai Mueang...

Word Count : 1647

Lak Lak

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Lak Lak or Laklak may refer to: Lak Lak, Hamadan, a village in Hamadan Province, western Iran Lak Lak Ashian, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, northeastern...

Word Count : 97

Lak language

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Lak (лакку маз, [lakːu maz] ) is a Northeast Caucasian language forming its own branch within this family. It is the language of the Lak people from the...

Word Count : 803


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Look up laks in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Laks may refer to: Laks (Caucasus), an ethnic group of Dagestan, North Caucasus, Russia Lak (tribe), a...

Word Count : 98

Lak Lak Ashian

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Lak Lak Ashian (Persian: لك لك اشيان, also Romanized as Lak Lak Āshīān) is a village in Darbqazi Rural District, in the Central District of Nishapur County...

Word Count : 156

Lak Mueang

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Lak mueang (Thai: หลักเมือง, pronounced [làk mɯ̄a̯ŋ]) are city pillars found in most cities of Thailand. Usually housed in a shrine (ศาลหลักเมือง, [sǎːn...

Word Count : 1152

Effect of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake on Thailand

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completely destroying 47 of them, including prominent tourist resorts like Khao Lak. The disaster killed about 5,400 people in Thailand, including foreign tourists...

Word Count : 1340


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introduced the threatening entity Gah Lak Tus. First mentioned by the robot Ultimate Vision and subsequently by the Kree, Gah Lak Tus is a group mind of city-sized...

Word Count : 9340


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A lakh (/læk, lɑːk/; abbreviated L; sometimes written lac) is a unit in the Indian numbering system equal to one hundred thousand (100,000; scientific...

Word Count : 614

Lak Sao

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Lak Sao (Lakxao, Ban Lak Xao) is a small town in Khamkeut District, Bolikhamsai Province, of central Laos. It is located at the major crossroads where...

Word Count : 137

Shaking beef

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as lok lak or loc lac (Khmer: ឡុកឡាក់) and often considered a national dish even though the dish originated in Vietnam. The original lok lak uses high-quality...

Word Count : 424

Lak Song

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Lak Song (Thai: หลักสอง, pronounced [làk sɔ̌ːŋ]) is a khwaeng (subdistrict) of Bang Khae district, Bangkok's Thonburi side. Originally, Lak Song was a...

Word Count : 417

Lak Hok

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Lak Hok (Thai: หลักหก, pronounced [làk hòk]) is a tambon (sub-district) in Mueang Pathum Thani district, Pathum Thani province, Greater Bangkok. Its name...

Word Count : 689

The Girl from Dak Lak

Last Update:

The Girl from Dak Lak (Co gai den tu Dak Lak) is a 2022 Vietnamese movie directed by Pedro Roman and Chi Mai staring Suong, Hanh Ruby and Tran Thi Thanh...

Word Count : 195

Lak Lake

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Lak Lake (Vietnamese: Hồ Lắk) is a freshwater lake in Liên Sơn Township, Lắk district, Đắk Lắk province, Vietnam. It covers an area of about 6.2 km2 (2...

Word Count : 317


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Lakshmana (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मण, lit. 'the fortunate one', IAST: Lakṣmaṇa), also spelled as Laxmana, is the younger brother of Rama and his loyalist in the...

Word Count : 1207

Lak people

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Lak people may refer to: Laks (Caucasus), an ethnic group of Dagestan, North Caucasus, Russia Laks (Iran), an ethnic group of southwestern Iran Laks (disambiguation)...

Word Count : 57

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