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Kwilu District information

Kwilu District
Kwilu district of Bandundu province (2014)
Kwilu district of Bandundu province (2014)
Coordinates: 5°02′00″S 18°49′00″E / 5.033333°S 18.816667°E / -5.033333; 18.816667
CountryDemocratic Republic of the Congo

Kwilu District (French: District du Kwilu, Dutch: District KwangoKwilu) was a district of the Belgian Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It roughly corresponded to the present province of Kwilu.

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Kwilu District

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Kwilu District (French: District du Kwilu, Dutch: District KwangoKwilu) was a district of the Belgian Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It...

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Kwilu Province

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of the dismemberment of the former Bandundu province. Kwilu was formed from the Kwilu district and the independently administered cities of Bandundu and...

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Kwilu rebellion

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The Kwilu rebellion (1963–1965) was a civil uprising which took place in the West of what is the modern-day Democratic Republic of the Congo. The rebellion...

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Bandundu Province

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repartitioning. Kwilu province was formed by combining the Kwilu district and the cities of Bandundu and Kikwit, Kwango province from the Kwango district, and Mai-Ndombe...

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Kasai District

Last Update:

Sankuru District and Lulua District to the east, Portuguese territory to the south, and Kwango District, Kwilu District and Lac Léopold II District to the...

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Kikwit Airport

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KKW, ICAO: FZCA) is an airport serving the Kwilu River port of Kikwit, the capital city of the Kwilu District in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The...

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Kwango District

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of Kwilu and Kwango. In 1895 the number of the districts in the Congo Free State was increased to fifteen. The districts now included Kwango District. It...

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Kwilu dynasty

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Kwilu, also known as the House of Kwilu (Portuguese: Coulo), was a kanda or royal lineage of the Kingdom of Kongo. Prior to the rise of the Kwilu kanda...

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Districts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Last Update:

divided into 26 districts. Those in turn were divided into territories or communes. The 2006 constitution planned to convert many of the districts into provinces...

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Parti Solidaire Africain

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established a strong base amongst the rural communities of the Kwango and Kwilu Districts of the country. Along with the Mouvement National Congolais the PSA...

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Cataractes District

Last Update:

Congo River past the urban district of Léopoldville up to Lac Léopold II District. It bordered Kwango District and Kwilu District to the east. The area was...

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Adolphe Muzito

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Prime Minister Antoine Gizenga from 2007 to 2008. Hailing from Gungu, Kwilu District, Muzito is an economist. In the government that was appointed on 5 February...

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community in Kwilu District, Bandundu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Kilembe, Uganda, a community in Kasese District, Western Region...

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Kwenge River

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Kwango and Kwilu districts, joining the Kwilu River below Kikwit. Lusanga, formerly Leverville, is at the confluence of the Kwenge and Kwilu rivers. The...

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Lusanga, Kwilu, a town in Kwilu District of Bandundu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lusanga, Kwango, a town in Kwango District, Bandundu...

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Kingdom of Kongo

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rulers from this small polity built up its rule along the Kwilu Valley, or what was called Nsi a Kwilu and its elite are buried near its center. Traditions...

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Ngiama Ya Père Noël Born (1965-12-25) December 25, 1965 (age 58) Kikwit, Kwilu District, Congo-Leopoldville (modern-day Democratic Republic of the Congo) Genres...

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in Kwilu Province. The Köppen climate classification is Aw : Tropical savanna, wet. In 1931 there were widespread disturbances in the Kwango District of...

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Districts of the Belgian Congo

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(Katanga) Tanganika Lualaba Haut-Katanga The districts in 1954 were: Léopoldville Léopoldville Lac Leopold II Kwilu Kwango Bas-Congo Cataractes Kasai Lulua...

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Kouilou Department

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11°53′37″E / 4.32778°S 11.89361°E / -4.32778; 11.89361 Kouilou (Kongo: Kwilu, Kuilu ) is a department of the Republic of the Congo. Covering the country's...

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Time zone

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 Democratic Republic of the Congo: Équateur, Kinshasa, Kongo Central, Kwango, Kwilu, Mai-Ndombe, Mongala, Nord-Ubangi, Sud-Ubangi, Tshuapa  Equatorial Guinea...

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Cuba Yaya, DR Congo, district of Kwilu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo Yaya Mongombala, DR Congo, district of Kwilu Province in the Democratic...

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Simba rebellion

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in January 1961 in Katanga. The rebellion was contemporaneous with the Kwilu rebellion led by fellow Lumumbist Pierre Mulele in central Congo. The Simba...

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Pende revolt

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September 1931, the Pende people revolted against Belgian colonial rule in Kwilu. The revolt was quickly suppressed by the colonial authorities but was one...

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