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Kvemo Kartli information

Lower Kartli
ქვემო ქართლი
Mkhare (region)
Kldekari Fortress
Kldekari Fortress
Location of Lower Kartli
CountryKvemo Kartli Georgia
Subdivisions1 city, 6 municipalities
 • GovernorPaata Khizanashvili[1]
 • Total6,527.6 km2 (2,520.3 sq mi)
 • Total434,241
 • Density67/km2 (170/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeGE-KK
HDI (2017)0.726[2]
high · 10th

Kvemo Kartli (Georgian: ქვემო ქართლი, Azerbaijani: Aşağı Kartli) or "Lower Kartli", is a historic province and current administrative region (mkhare) in southeastern Georgia. The city of Rustavi is the regional capital.

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Kvemo Kartli

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Kvemo Kartli (Georgian: ქვემო ქართლი, Azerbaijani: Aşağı Kartli) or "Lower Kartli", is a historic province and current administrative region (mkhare)...

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Aragvi; Kvemo Kartli (ქვემო ქართლი), i.e., Lower Kartli, comprising the lands in the lower basin of the Mtkvari and south of that river; Zemo Kartli (ზემო...

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Shida Kartli

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Mtskheta-Mtianeti to the east, Kvemo Kartli to the south, Samtskhe-Javakheti to the southwest, Imereti to the west, and Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti to the northwest...

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Azerbaijanis in Georgia

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largest ethnic minority, inhabiting mostly rural areas like Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti, Shida Kartli and Mtskheta-Mtianeti. There is also a historical Azerbaijani...

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Davit Kirkitadze

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Member of Parliament in 2004–2008 and since 2020, as well as Governor of Kvemo Kartli in 2008–2013. A member of the United National Movement, he was one of...

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(Georgian: მარნეული [mɑɾnɛuli], Azerbaijani: Sarvan) is a town in the Kvemo Kartli region of southern Georgia and administrative center of Marneuli Municipality...

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Azerbaijani: Barmaqsız) is a town and municipality center in southern Georgia's Kvemo Kartli region. The district had a population of 2,326. According to the 2014...

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pronunciation: [tʰɛtʰɾitsʼqʼɑɾɔ], Azerbaijani: Ağbulaq) is a town in Kvemo Kartli in southern Georgia. It is the municipal center of Tetritsqaro Municipality...

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Tsalka Canyon

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village, 3 km from small town of Tsalka, in Tsalka Municipality, in Kvemo Kartli region of southeastern Georgia, 1,110-1,448 meters above sea level. The...

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Azerbaijan to the southeast, and with the regions of Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kvemo Kartli to the west. Kakheti has a strong linguistic and cultural identity, since...

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Imereti Kakheti Kvemo Kartli Mtskheta- Mtianeti Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Samegrelo- Zemo Svaneti Samtskhe- Javakheti Shida Kartli Tbilisi Black...

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Kvemo Orozmani

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Kvemo Orozmani (Georgian: ქვემო ოროზმანი) is a village in Dmanisi Municipality of Kvemo Kartli region in Georgia. The village is located 4 km (2.5 mi)...

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Marneuli Municipality

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Marneuli Bələdiyyəsi) is a municipality in Georgia, in the region of Kvemo Kartli. Its administrative center and main town is Marneuli. Marneuli Municipality...

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Շահումյան, romanized: Shahumyan) is village in the Marneuli Municipality, Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia. Until 1925 it was named Shulaveri or Shulaver (Armenian:...

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[ɾustʰɑvi]) is a city in the southeast of Georgia, in the region of Kvemo Kartli and 20 km (12 mi) southeast of capital Tbilisi. It has a population of...

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pronounced [dmɑnisi], Azerbaijani: Başkeçid) is a town and archaeological site in the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia approximately 93 km southwest of the nation’s capital...

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Adjarian settlements are also found in the Georgian provinces of Guria, Kvemo Kartli, and Kakheti, as well as in several areas of neighbouring Turkey. Many...

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of country in the administrative territory of Marneuli Municipality (Kvemo Kartli Region) at the border with Armenia. The village is about 27 kilometres...

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Khojorni (Georgian: ხოჯორნი) is a village in Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region with the population of 635. It had 842 inhabitants in 2002. "Population Census...

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Aghmamedlo (Georgian: აღმამედლო) is a village in Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region with the population of 2289. It had 2867 inhabitants in 2002. "Population...

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Akhkula (Georgian: ახკულა) is a village in Georgia’s Kvemo Kartli region with the population of 86. It had 150 inhabitants in 2002. "Population Census...

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Peoples of the Caucasus

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reside in Armenia (Lori Province, especially in Alaverdi) and Georgia (Kvemo Kartli, Adjara, the Tsalka, and Abkhazia). Pontic Greeks had also made up a...

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Borchaly uezd

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roughly corresponded to the contemporary Lori Province of Armenia and the Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia. The Debed river, formerly known as the Borchala (Russian:...

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