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Kongo Central information

Kongo Central
Province du Kongo Central
Official seal of Kongo Central
Location of Kongo Central
Coordinates: 05°49′S 13°29′E / 5.817°S 13.483°E / -5.817; 13.483
Country DR Congo
and largest city
 • BodyProvincial Assembly of Kongo Central
 • GovernorGuy Bandu Ndungidi[1]
 • Total53,920 km2 (20,820 sq mi)
 • Total6,838,500
 • Density130/km2 (330/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (West Africa Time)
License Plate CodeDemocratic Republic of the Congo CGO / 10
Official languageFrench
National languagesKikongo ya Leta, lingala[2]
HDI (2017)0.432[3]
Non-national languageKikongo

Kongo Central (Kongo: Kongo dia Kati[4][5]), formerly Bas-Congo, is one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.[6] Its capital is Matadi.

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