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Kingdom of Simien information

Kingdom of Simien
ממלכת סאמיאן
Map of Jewish settlements in Ethiopia
Map of Jewish settlements in Ethiopia
StatusJewish kingdom
CapitalAmba Yehouda[1]
Common languagesGe'ez, Kayla, Qwara, Amharic
Beta Israel
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Simien Kingdom of Aksum
Ethiopian Empire Kingdom of Simien
Today part ofEthiopia

The Kingdom of Simien (Hebrew: ממלכת סאמיאן), sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Beta Israel (ממלכת ביתא ישראל), refers to a probably legendary Jewish kingdom said to have been located in the northwestern part of the Ethiopian Empire. The existence of such a kingdom somewhere in the Horn of Africa was first mentioned by the traveller Benjamin of Tudela in the 12th century CE.[2]

A late Ethiopian-Jewish legend dates the establishment of a Kingdom of Simien to the 4th century CE, right after the Kingdom of Aksum turned to Christianity during the reign of Ezana.[3][4] The existence of such a nation plays a significant role in the modern traditions of the Beta Israel.

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