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Location of the Kerewan Local Government Area
Location of the Kerewan Local Government Area
Kerewan is located in The Gambia
Location in the Gambia
Coordinates: 13°30′N 16°05′W / 13.500°N 16.083°W / 13.500; -16.083
CountryThe Gambia
DivisionNorth Bank Division

Kerewan is a town in the Gambia. Located beside the Miniminiyang Bolong, about 60 km from the capital Banjul. It is the seat of the Kerewan Local Government Area (formerly the North Bank Division), located on the north bank of the lower river Gambia.

The population of the Kerewan LGA was 225,516 at the 2013 population census, with about 3,500 people in Kerewan town.[1]

People in the Kerewan LGA are mainly known for agriculture and the main crops are groundnut, rice, maize, and millet.[citation needed]

  1. ^ "Distribution of Population by Gender and LGA". GBoS. 2017-09-20. Archived from the original on 2022-03-21. Retrieved 2022-03-10.

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Kerewan is a town in the Gambia. Located beside the Miniminiyang Bolong, about 60 km from the capital Banjul. It is the seat of the Kerewan Local Government...

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opposite Farafenni Gamtel, and nearby there are shops and a small market on Kerewan Highway. Both markets serve the needs of the inhabitants. There is also...

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RFO TV) SECAM  Gabon 1973 RTG SECAM  Gambia 1973/1976/1979 GTN, GRTS, Kerewan TV SECAM Color broadcasts from Guinea have been available since 1971. Test...

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administrative divisions of the Gambia. Its capital was Kerewan. It was subsequently reorganised as the Kerewan Local Government Area (LGA), without any change...

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Gambia. Its main town was Farafenni. The North Bank Division is now the Kerewan Local Government Area, and the former Upper Baddibu District is now divided...

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Salimatou Fatty

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institution where she learned about her Islam religion.  She proceed to Kerewan Primary School up to primary 2. After completion of Primary two, Salimatou...

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development 2 Banjul 0.546 3 Brikama 0.530 –  Gambia (average) 0.500 4 Kerewan 0.450 5 Mansakonko 0.443 6 Basse 0.426 7 Janjanbureh 0.390 8 Kuntaur 0...

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Assumed office 2009 Preceded by Party established Personal details Born Kerewan Political party Gambia Moral Congress Other political affiliations Coalition...

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launched The Gambia Classes for Open Learning Programme (GCOL) in the town of Kerewan. In August 2023, The Luminos Fund was announced as a finalist for the 2023...

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Kanifing The National People's Party won all but one rural elections. Kerewan Kuntaur Janjangbureh Lower River Region (Mansakonko) The United Democratic...

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(habitat/species management area) Location North Bank Division  Gambia Nearest city Kerewan Coordinates 13°28′26″N 16°4′36″W / 13.47389°N 16.07667°W / 13.47389;...

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service branches are also in Serrekunda, Bakau, Brikama, Soma, Farafenni, Kerewan, Kaur, Janganbureh, Basse, Wassu, Brusubi, Bwiam and at the Banjul International...

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