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Provincial capital and city
Ville de Kalemie
Build our Nation, Spirit of Patriotism
Kalemie is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Location in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 05°54′46″S 29°11′26″E / 5.91278°S 29.19056°E / -5.91278; 29.19056
Country DR Congo
Founded byAlphonse Jacques
CommunesKalemie, Lac, Lukuga
 • MayorDavid Mukeba[1]
 • Total146,974
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)
National languageSwahili

Kalemie, formerly Albertville or Albertstad, is a city on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Lukuga River, that drains Lake Tanganyika to the Lualaba River, runs through the city. Kalemie is the capital of Tanganyika Province.

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Kalemie, formerly Albertville or Albertstad, is a city on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Lukuga River...

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Kalemie Territory

Last Update:

Kalemie is a territory of Tanganyika province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After the town of Kalemie became a separately administered city...

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Kalemie Airport

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Kalemie Airport (IATA: FMI, ICAO: FZRF) (French: Aéroport de Kalémie) is an airport serving Kalemie in Tanganyika Province (formerly Katanga Province)...

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Tanganyika Province

Last Update:

province. Tanganyika was formed from the Tanganyika district whose town of Kalemie was elevated to capital city of the new province. The new province's territory...

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University of Kalemie

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The University of Kalemie (UNIKAL) is a public university located in the city of Kalemie, in Tanganyika Province of the southeastern Democratic Republic...

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Transport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Kisangani to Ubundu – rail Ubundu to Kindu – river boat Kindu to Kalemie – rail Kalemie to Kalundu (the lake port at Uvira) – boat on Lake Tanganyika Kalundu...

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Rally for Congolese Democracy

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military zones in Katanga. The first comprised Kalemie, Moba and Manono and fell under the control of the Kalemie brigade. Kongolo, Kabalo and Nyunzu formed...

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Jaynet Kabila

Last Update:

was elected as a deputy to the Congolese National Assembly, representing Kalemie as an independent. Despite her generally low profile, Kabila is a powerful...

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Navy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Last Update:

headquartered at Banana, the River Guard at Kinshasa and the Lake Guard at Kalemie. Some five years later, however, the organization became the Force Navale...

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Bintou Keita

Last Update:

Keita (on the right) in Kalemie, 2021....

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400 km west of Bukavu. Kindu is linked by rail to the mining areas of Kalemie, Kamina and Kananga to the south. It also has an airport with a 2,200 metre...

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Sarah Zeid

Last Update:

Princess Sarah as Goodwill Ambassador of the World Food Program, in Kalemie, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2018....

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first Uruguayan guard unit arrived in Kalemie. The force was deployed in four sectors at Kananga, Kisangani, Kalemie and Mbandaka. In July 2001, the force...

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Élisabethville became Lubumbashi Jadotville became Likasi Albertville became Kalemie In addition, the adoption of Zairian, as opposed to Western or Christian...

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List of universities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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des Pays des Grands Lacs". Retrieved 17 February 2015. "Université de Kalemie (UNIKAL)". 2012-05-29. Retrieved 17 February 2015. "Le unikik-en-bref"...

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Father Victor Roelens. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kalemie–Kirungu is based in Kirunga and Kalemie, 140 kilometres (87 mi) to the north. Kirungu is situated...

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Lubumbashi International Airport

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Johannesburg–O. R. Tambo Air Tanzania Dar es Salaam Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation Kalemie, Kamina, Kinshasa–N'djili, Kolwezi, Mbuji-Mayi Congo Airways Johannesburg–O...

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Lukuga River

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Katanga Plateau.[citation needed] The river leaves Lake Tanganyika at Kalemie and flows through a gap in the highlands westward through Tanganyika Province...

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Rail transport in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Tanganyika used to connect with trains at Kalemie. In 1917 a train ferry was introduced on the lake operating from Kalemie, but is long gone. Katanga line (believed...

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Lake Tanganyika

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England to the lake by rail, road and river to Albertville (since renamed Kalemie in 1971) on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika. The two boats waited...

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Bembe people

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Kivu. The Bembe are also in the province of Tanganyika in the city of Kalemie. In 1991, the Bembe population of the DRC was estimated to number 252,000...

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Katanga insurgency

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the first four months of 2014, occurring in the Katangese territories of Kalemie, Manono, Mitaba, Pweto, and Moba. On 7 January 2014, Bakata Katanga separatists...

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