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Kafa language information

Kafi noono
Native toEthiopia
Regionin Keffa Zone
Native speakers
830,000 (2007 census)[1]
Language family
  • Omotic
    • North
      • Gonga
        • Kafa–Shekkacho
          • Kafa
  • Bosha
Language codes
ISO 639-3kbr

Kafa or Kefa (Kafi noono) is a North Omotic language spoken in Ethiopia at the Keffa Zone. It is part of the Ethiopian Language Area, with SOV word order, ejective consonants, etc.

A collection of proverbs in the language has been published by Mesfin Wodajo.[2]

Language family
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
  1. ^ Ethiopia 2007 Census Archived 2010-11-14 at the Wayback Machine
  2. ^ 2012. Functions and Formal and Stylistic Features of Kafa Proverbs: Functional and Structural Approach. Lambert Academic Publishing.

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