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  The North Jutlandic Island is still regarded as a part of Jutland although the isthmus connecting it to mainland Jutland was severed by a flood in 1825.
  Northern Jutland (Denmark)
  South Jutland or Northern Slesvig (Denmark)
  Southern Schleswig (Germany)
  Holstein (Germany)
The Code of Jutland.

Jutland (Danish: Jylland [ˈjyˌlænˀ], Jyske Halvø or Cimbriske Halvø; German: Jütland, Kimbrische Halbinsel or Jütische Halbinsel) is a peninsula of Northern Europe that forms the continental portion of Denmark and part of northern Germany (Schleswig-Holstein). It stretches from the Grenen spit in the north to the confluence of the Elbe and the Sude in the southeast. The historic southern border river of Jutland as a cultural-geographical region, which historically also included Southern Schleswig, is the Eider. The peninsula, on the other hand, also comprises areas south of the Eider: Holstein, the former duchy of Lauenburg, and most of Hamburg and Lübeck.

Jutland's geography is flat, with comparatively steep hills in the east and a barely noticeable ridge running through the center. West Jutland is characterised by open lands, heaths, plains, and peat bogs, while East Jutland is more fertile with lakes and lush forests. The southwestern coast is characterised by the Wadden Sea, a large unique international coastal region stretching through Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. The peninsula's longest river is the Eider, that rises close to the Baltic but flows in the direction of the North Sea due to a moraine, while the Gudenå is the longest river of Denmark. In order for ships not having to go around the whole peninsula to reach the Baltic, the Kiel Canal, the world's busiest artificial waterway, that crosses the peninsula in the south, has been constructed. Jutland is connected to Funen by the Old and New Little Belt Bridge, and Funen in turn is connected to Zealand and Copenhagen by the Great Belt Bridge.

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Jutland (Danish: Jylland [ˈjyˌlænˀ], Jyske Halvø or Cimbriske Halvø; German: Jütland, Kimbrische Halbinsel or Jütische Halbinsel) is a peninsula of Northern...

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Battle of Jutland

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The Battle of Jutland (German: Skagerrakschlacht, the Battle of the Skagerrak) was a naval battle between Britain's Royal Navy Grand Fleet, under Admiral...

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North Jutland

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North Jutland may refer to: North Jutland Region, administrative region covering North Jutland and minor parts of central Jutland North Jutland County...

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South Jutland

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The name South Jutland can refer to various different areas of the peninsula of Jutland in Denmark: Sydjylland – a loose designation for the southern part...

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Central Denmark Region

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Midtjylland), or more directly translated as the Central Jutland Region and sometimes simply Mid-Jutland, is an administrative region of Denmark established...

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HMS Jutland

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Two ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Jutland, after the Battle of Jutland: HMS Jutland was a to have been a Battle-class destroyer. She was...

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Northern Jutland

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Northern Jutland (Danish: Nørrejylland) is a historical region in Denmark, defined as Jutland north of the Kongeå (with the region south of the Kongeå...

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South Jutland County

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South Jutland County (Danish: Sønderjyllands Amt) is a former county (Danish: amt) on the south-central portion of the Jutland Peninsula in southern Denmark...

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Jutland horse

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The Jutland horse (Danish: Den jyske hest) is a draft horse breed originating in Denmark, named after the Jutland Peninsula which forms the western part...

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Prince of Jutland

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Prince of Jutland, also known as Royal Deceit and Thrones & Empires, is a 1994 drama adventure film co-written and directed by Gabriel Axel and starring...

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FV Jutland

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Jutland was a Canadian beam trawler based in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Built in 1918 by the Boehner Bros., she was owned by LaHave Fishing Company. On March...

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Codex Holmiensis

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the Danish Code of Jutland (Danish: Jyske Lov), a civil code enacted under Valdemar II of Denmark. The code covered Funen, Jutland, and Schleswig, but...

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Southern Jutland

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Southern Jutland (Danish: Sønderjylland; German: Südjütland) is the name for the region south of the Kongeå in Jutland, Denmark and north of the Eider...

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Christopher of Bavaria

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rebellions in Funen and Jutland. Once the rebellion on Funen was suppressed, he turned his attention the uprising in Jutland. North Jutland, especially Vendsyssel...

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580 sq mi), metropolitan Denmark consists of the northern part of the Jutland peninsula and an archipelago of 406 islands. Of these, the most populated...

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DBU Jutland

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DBU Jutland (Danish: DBU Jylland) is the local governing body for association football and futsal in Jutland, Denmark. They are responsible for the governance...

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Order of battle at Jutland

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The Battle of Jutland was fought on 31 May and 1 June 1916, in the waters of the North Sea, between forces of the Royal Navy and Imperial German Navy...

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North Jutland Region

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The North Jutland Region (Danish: Region Nordjylland), or in some official sources, the North Denmark Region, is an administrative region of Denmark established...

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North Jutland County

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North Jutland County (Danish: Nordjyllands Amt) is a former county (Danish: amt) in northern Denmark. It was located on the eastern half of Vendsyssel-Thy...

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2021 North Denmark Regional election

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The 2021 North Denmark Regional election was held on November 16, 2021, to elect the 41 members to sit in the regional council for the North Denmark Region...

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Jutland Dragoon Regiment

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The Jutland Dragoon Regiment (Danish: Jydske Dragonregiment) is the only regiment of the Royal Danish Army that has an armored (MBT) battalion, and is...

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Frederick Rutland

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First World War, he earned the nickname "Rutland of Jutland" for his exploits at the Battle of Jutland in 1916. He later worked for the Japanese and was...

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Ingeborg of Kiev

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was a Ruthenian princess, married to the Danish prince Canute Lavard of Jutland. She was the daughter of Grand Prince Mstislav I of Kiev and Christina...

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Enner Mark Prison

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(Danish: Enner Mark Fængsel), until February 2016 the State Prison of East Jutland (Danish: Statsfængslet Østjylland), is a modern and purpose-built closed...

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Jutland RLFC

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In 2013, Jylland RLFC was the first rugby league club founded in Jutland and the second after the Copenhagen RLFC was founded in Denmark. Rugby league...

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List of ships sunk at the Battle of Jutland

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The List of ships sunk at the Battle of Jutland is a list of ships which were lost during the Battle of Jutland. This battle was fought between the British...

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Aarhus Gymnastikforening

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AGF Danish: [æke̝ˀˈef]) is a professional sports club based in Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark. Founded in 1880, it is one of the oldest clubs in the country...

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Jutland Shinboners

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Jutland Shinboners is an Australian rules football team in Denmark. Jutland Shinboners began in 2005 as the Jutland Power. They are the representative...

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