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July Revolution information

Trois Glorieuses
Part of the Bourbon Restoration and
the Revolutions of 1830
Eugène Delacroix - La liberté guidant le peuple.jpg
Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix: an allegorical painting of the July Revolution.
Date26–29 July 1830
Also known asThe July Revolution
ParticipantsFrench society
  • Abdication of Charles X
  • Ascension of Louis Philippe to the French throne and establishment of the constitutional July Monarchy

The French Revolution of 1830, also known as the July Revolution (French: révolution de Juillet), Second French Revolution, or Trois Glorieuses ("Three Glorious [Days]"), was a second French Revolution after the first in 1789. It led to the overthrow of King Charles X, the French Bourbon monarch, and the ascent of his cousin Louis Philippe, Duke of Orléans. After 18 precarious years on the throne, Louis-Philippe was overthrown in the French Revolution of 1848.

The 1830 Revolution marked a shift from one constitutional monarchy, under the restored House of Bourbon, to another, the July Monarchy; the transition of power from the House of Bourbon to its cadet branch, the House of Orléans; and the replacement of the principle of hereditary right by that of popular sovereignty. Supporters of the Bourbons would be called Legitimists, and supporters of Louis Philippe were known as Orléanists. In addition, there continued to be Bonapartists supporting the return of Napoleon's descendants.

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