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JDK Mission Control information

JDK Mission Control
Developer(s)Oracle Corporation, OpenJDK & Java Community, Red Hat
Written inJava
Operating systemLinux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
LicenseBSD + UPL (dual)

JDK Mission Control is an open source tools suite for the Java virtual machine. The tools help finding problems in, and optimizing, programs running on the JVM in production. JDK Mission Control supports OpenJDK 11 (and above) and Oracle JDK 7u40 (and above).

JDK Mission Control primarily consists of the following tools:

  • A JFR (JDK Flight Recorder) analyzer and visualizer
  • A JMX Console

There are also various plug-ins available, such as:

  • A heap dump (hprof format) analyzer (JOverflow)

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