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Italian Eritrean information

Eritrean Pidgin Italian
Simplified Italian of Eritrea (Italian Eritrean)
Era19th to late-20th centuries
Language family
Italian-based pidgin
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Eritrean Pidgin Italian (or Italian Eritrean, as is often called) was a pidgin language used in Italian Eritrea when Eritrea was a colony of Italy (and until the 1970s in the Asmara region).[1]

  1. ^ Map showing the existence of the Eritrean Pidgin Italian in Africa

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Italian Eritrea

Last Update:

Italian guerrilla war was supported by many Eritrean colonial troops (like the "hero" of Eritrean independence, Hamid Idris Awate) until the Italian armistice...

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Italian Eritreans

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Italian Eritreans (or Eritrean Italians, Italian: Italo-eritrei) are Eritrean-born descendants of Italian settlers as well as Italian long-term residents...

Word Count : 1789

Italian Eritrean

Last Update:

Eritrean Pidgin Italian (or Italian Eritrean, as is often called) was a pidgin language used in Italian Eritrea when Eritrea was a colony of Italy (and...

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Last Update:

Ethiopia annulled the Eritrean parliament and formally annexed Eritrea. The Eritrean secessionist movement organised the Eritrean Liberation Front in 1961...

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Italian Eritrean cuisine

Last Update:

Italian Eritrean cuisine is the mix of Eritrean dishes and spices with Italian dishes. This kind of cuisine is quite common with Eritreans in Eritrea...

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Last Update:

occupied by Italy in 1889. Governor Ferdinando Martini made it the capital city of Italian Eritrea in 1897. In the early 20th century, the Eritrean Railway...

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History of Eritrea

Last Update:

at Ferrovia Eritrea. (in Italian) "Eritrean Railway Archived 2008-02-03 at the Wayback Machine" at Ferrovia Eritrea. (in Italian) Eritrea- Contenuti Archived...

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Eritrean cuisine

Last Update:

traditional Eritrean dish consists of injera accompanied by a spicy stew, which frequently includes beef, goat, lamb or fish. Overall, Eritrean cuisine strongly...

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Last Update:

II. Eritrean Americans Eritrean Australians Eritrean Canadians Eritreans in Italy Eritreans in the United Kingdom Eritreans in Denmark Eritreans in Israel...

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Religion in Eritrea

Last Update:

37% and 52%. Most Eritrean Christians belong the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, although a minority is affiliated with the Eritrean Catholic Church...

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Eritrean War of Independence

Last Update:

The Eritrean War of Independence was a war for independence which Eritrean independence fighters waged against successive Ethiopian governments from 1...

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Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea

Last Update:

The Ethiopian–Eritrean Federation was a coalition between the former Italian colony of Eritrea and the Ethiopian Empire. It was established as a result...

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Eritrean Railway

Last Update:

The Eritrean Railway is the only railway system in Eritrea. It was constructed between 1887 and 1932 during the Italian Eritrea colony and connects the...

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Royal Corps of Eritrean Colonial Troops

Last Update:

officers of the Eritrean Ascari were Italian, who wore similar uniforms and insignia to their counterparts in the regular Italian Army The Eritrean Ascari were...

Word Count : 1903

Eritrean Liberation Front

Last Update:

Eritrean People's Liberation Front, a more left-wing rebel movement. By the 1980s, the People's Liberation Front had replaced the original Eritrean Liberation...

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Italian East Africa

Last Update:

merger of Italian Somalia, Italian Eritrea, and the newly occupied Ethiopian Empire, conquered in the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. Italian East Africa...

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Italian Empire

Last Update:

The Italian colonial empire (Italian: Impero coloniale italiano), known as the Italian Empire (Impero Italiano) between 1936 and 1943, began in Africa...

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Culture of Eritrea

Last Update:

served. In addition, Eritrean cuisine has a lot of Italian dishes from the Italian Eritrean cuisine introduced during Italian Eritrea. It is more common...

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Eritrean Defence Forces

Last Update:

military forces of Eritrea composed of three branches: Eritrean Army, Eritrean Air Force and Eritrean Navy. The Army is by far the largest, followed by the...

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Eritrean Catholic Church

Last Update:

from the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which is an Oriental Orthodox church comprising most Christians in the country. Like the Eritrean Orthodox...

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Eritreans in Italy

Last Update:

Eritreans in Italy are residents of Italy who were born in Eritrea or are of Eritrean descent. According to the United Nations, there were 13,592 Eritrean...

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Languages of Eritrea

Last Update:

languages. Eritrean Pidgin Italian was developed during colonial times "People and Languages » Embassy of The State of Eritrea".

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Last Update:

forcibly incorporated Eritrea. This led to the Eritrean War of Independence (1961–1991). In February 1990, units of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front...

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Eritrea Province

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following the Eritrean War of Independence. The region was historically called Medri Bahri (Land of the Sea). Its name was changed to Eritrea following the...

Word Count : 256

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