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Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. The PHP reference implementation is now produced by The PHP Group. PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, but...

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Izzatdaar at IMDb v t e...

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Bullzip PDF Printer

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2022; 44 days ago (2022-08-15) Operating system Windows only Type PDF creator License Proprietary Adware Website

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Common University Entrance Test

Last Update:[bare URL][bare URL] https://cuet...

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To IntelliJ". Archived from the original on 7 October 2019. Retrieved 13 October 2019. "Features - PhpStorm". JetBrains. Archived from...

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Mirror writing

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Indiana University Press, 2020).=> Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mirror writings...

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Retrieved January 8, 2019, from Douma, M., curator. 2008. Opal. In Cause of Color. Retrieved January...

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Formic acid

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Retrieved 26 August 2020.[full citation needed] Heukeshoven, Jochen; Dernick, Rudolf...

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Poovachal Khader

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Daily. Retrieved 22 June 2021. "Poovachal Khader...

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Cell damage

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open access, but read only Archived 2014-10-25 at the Wayback Machine ISBN 1604565810...

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Chitra". "National Portal of India".[permanent dead link] "Pattachitra Painting". archive.india...

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FuelPHP is an open-source web application framework written in PHP which implements the HMVC pattern. The FuelPHP project commenced in October 2010, with...

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Ratheesh Vega

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Award Chartbusting debut! | The Hindu "The Kochi Times Film...

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List of PHP accelerators

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This is a list of PHP accelerators. Alternative PHP Cache is a free and open (PHP license) framework that caches the output of the PHP bytecode compiler...

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open access, but read only ISBN 1604565810 ISBN 978-1604565812 Timmers PR, Wilson...

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The Chronicles of Ramlar

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Japanese festivals

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Retrieved August 6, 2009, from Yokoso! Japan Weeks:[permanent dead link] Bernard, S. (July 11, 2007). Nango Holds Summer...

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Nothing but Life

Last Update: Archived from the original on 5 October 2008. Nothing but Life at IMDb...

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G0 phase

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open access, but read only Archived 2014-10-25 at the Wayback Machine ISBN 1604565810...

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"Mayookham". Archived from the original on 12 May 2022. Mayookham at IMDb v t e...

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Oru Yathramozhi

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original on 21 March 2020. Retrieved 28 May 2018. Oru Yathramozhi at IMDb

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July 2011. Retrieved 7 September 2010. "Karyasthan Review | Karyasthan Malayalam...

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Mitomycin C

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ISBN 978-1-62100-808-8 Archived 2013-10-29 at the Wayback Machine "Mitomycin"...

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Timeline of natural history

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ISBN 978-1-62100-808-8 Loron, Corentin C.; François, Camille; Rainbird, Robert...

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Found object

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cgroupid=999999961&workid=21640&searchid=8483 "There's...

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Torrent file

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and info). This key's value is a list of web addresses where torrent data can be retrieved: { # ... 'httpseeds': ['', 'http://www...

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Last Update: [1] Ahankaar...

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Riverine rabbit

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Information.” EDGE of Existence, Macdonald, D (2001). The New Encyclopedia of Mammals. Oxford University...

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Kate Lawler

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October 2006. Retrieved 27 January 2012.[permanent dead link] "Kerrang! Radio – Everything That Rocks"...

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connecting to a MySQL database server: PHP's MySQL Extension PHP's MySQLi Extension PHP Data Objects (PDO) The PHP code consists of a core, with optional...

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Natural competence

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Retrieved 2012-04-13. Li G, Liang Z, Wang X, Yang Y, Shao Z, Li M, Ma Y, Qu...

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Mating system

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ISBN 978-1-62100-808-8 Archived 2013-10-29 at the Wayback Machine Rosenshine...

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JL Audio

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Audio Revelation, 2006. Web. <>. "2006 Product of the Year Awards." The Perfect...

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Vela Luka Bay

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Sokol — the Institute of Archaeology". Lešić, Denis: The Island of Krk - Guide to Word and Image,...

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Norwich Duff

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org/MichaelPhillips/info.php?ref=0854 HMS Espoir HMS Beaver

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Indiana University Press. 464 pp. Norman, D. B. (1987-03-23). "A mass-accumulation of...

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Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Subroutines

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Written in C/Fortran/Python Platform Cross-platform (distributed in source code form) Type Astrometry Website

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Singapore's Auto Insurance: Archived 2013-05-04 at the Wayback Machine Warnagiris, Joseph (February...

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Common bulbul

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org/web/20110910171530/ Media related to Pycnonotus barbatus at Wikimedia Commons Common...

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