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Imbabura Province information

Province of Imbabura
Mount Imbabura from south-east.
Mount Imbabura from south-east.
Flag of Imbabura
Official seal of Imbabura
Imbabura Province in Ecuador
Imbabura Province in Ecuador
Cantons of Imbabura Province
Cantons of Imbabura Province
CountryImbabura Province Ecuador
 • Provincial PrefectDiego García
 • Total4,587.51 km2 (1,771.25 sq mi)
 (2010 census)
 • Total398,244
 • Density87/km2 (220/sq mi)
Time zoneECT
Vehicle registrationI
HDI (2017)0.747[1]
high · 7th

Imbabura (Spanish pronunciation: [imbaˈβuɾa]) is a province located in the Andes of northern Ecuador. The capital is Ibarra. The people of the province speak Spanish and the Imbaburan Quechua language.

The summit of Cotacachi Volcano at an elevation of 4,944 metres (16,220 ft) is 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) north-east of the town of Cotacachi. The volcano is located in the large Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve.

Imbabura Volcano is also located in the province. Best reached from the town of La Esperanza, the 4,609 metres (15,121 ft) high mountain can be climbed in a single day.

Imbabura Province
Cotacachi volcano as seen from the town of Cotacachi.
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Imbabura Province

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Imbabura (Spanish pronunciation: [imbaˈβuɾa]) is a province located in the Andes of northern Ecuador. The capital is Ibarra. The people of the province...

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Cantons of Ecuador

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voters voted in favor of Las Golondrinas being incorporated into the Imbabura Province. La Manga del Cura: In a referendum held on September 27, 2015, 64...

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Imbabura may refer to: Imbabura Province, Ecuador Imbabura Volcano, Ecuador Imbabura Sporting Club, a professional football club based in Ibarra, Ecuador...

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Gustavo Pareja Cisneros

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than Conejo. Previously, he served as the 8th Provincial Prefect of Imbabura Province from 1997 through 2009. During his tenure as mayor, Pareja Cisneros...

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continued until 650 CE. In combination with other eruptions from nearby Imbabura, Mojanda, Cotacachi, and Cayambe, Cuicocha is responsible for the fertile...

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constrained mostly to the Andes region and province of Esmeraldas, and the Chota Valley in the province of Imbabura, respectively. In Central America, two...

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Imbabura Volcano

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Imbabura is an inactive stratovolcano in northern Ecuador. Although it has not erupted for about 7,500 years, it is not thought to be extinct. Imbabura...

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voters voted in favor of Las Golondrinas being incorporated into the Imbabura Province. La Manga del Cura: In a referendum held on September 27, 2015, 64...

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country, and can be found mostly in the Esmeraldas Province and in the Valle del Chota of the Imbabura Province. They form a majority in both of those regions...

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Las Golondrinas

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Las Golondrinas is a territory of Ecuador. "En Las Golondrinas y La Manga del Cura se crearían zonas especiales". El Universo. Retrieved 28 January 2019...

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San Antonio de Ibarra

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Ecuador that lies at the foot of the Imbabura Volcano and on the left bank of the Tahuando River in Imbabura Province. It is about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi)...

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Pichincha Province

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remote, partly mountainous area in Cotacachi Canton and Otavalo Canton Imbabura Province, Ecuador, named for the Intag river. It includes Intag Cloud Forest...

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Autodromo Internacional de Yahuarcocha

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The Autódromo Internacional José Tobar, formerly known as the Autodromo Internacional de Yahuarcocha, is a motorsport circuit located in Ibarra, Ecuador...

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Guayaquil Department Sur Pichincha Province Ecuador Department Sur Chimborazo Province Ecuador Department Sur Imbabura Province Ecuador Department Sur...

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Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve

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tracks within the park. The entrance near the town of Cayambe in Pichincha Province provides access to the mountain. The high level "Ruales-Oleas-Bergé Refuge"...

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Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve

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Reserve contains 752,235 acres (3,044 km2) of land and is located in the Imbabura and Esmeraldas provinces of Ecuador 87 miles (140 km) from Quito. Elevations...

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Prince Charles stream tree frog

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and found only in the northeast, in the Cordillera de Toisán, in Imbabura Province. They're found between 2720 and 2794 meters above sea level, in the...

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Otavalo people

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the Andean mountains of Imbabura Province in northern Ecuador. The Otavalos also inhabit the city of Otavalo in that province. Commerce and handcrafts...

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Tungurahua Province Baños, Azuay Province Baños de San Vicente, near Salinas, Santa Elena Province Chachimbiro, near Ibarra, Imbabura Province Nangulví...

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Enrique Ayala Mora

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for the Imbabura Province (Socialist Party – Broad Front of Ecuador) Constituent Assembly of Ecuador 1997–1998, Assemblyman of Imbabura Province (Socialist...

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Atuntaqui is a city of 21,000 inhabitants in the Imbabura Province in the northern region of Ecuador. The city is located at an altitude of 2,400 metres...

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Paolina Vercoutere

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governor of any state in Equador when she became the Governor of Imbabura Province. Vercoutere identifies herself as Kichwa Otavalo although her upbringing...

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Chachi people

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Chachi in 2003. According to Chachi oral tradition, they originated in Imbabura Province in the mountains near Ibarra, fleeing after the Castilian invasion...

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Ecuador located in the eastern outskirts of the city of Ibarra in Imbabura Province, Ibarra Canton. The lake is about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) long and wide...

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Cotacachi Volcano

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Western Cordillera of the northern Ecuadorian Andes, in the west of Imbabura Province, above the city of Cotacachi. It has a summit elevation of 4,944 m...

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Currency of Ecuador

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666 fine. The circulation of various kinds of tokens became common. Imbabura Province, in the north, was authorized to allow the free circulation of Colombian...

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Yachay University

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(Universidad Yachay Tech) is a public university in San Miguel de Urcuquí, Imbabura Province Ecuador. The university is part of Yachay, a project under development...

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Gabriela Rivadeneira

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Ecuador between May 2013 and May 2017. Previously she was Governor of Imbabura Province from 2011 to 2012. She was the executive secretary of the PAIS Alliance...

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Demographics of Ecuador

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majority (70%) in the province of Esmeraldas and also have an important concentration in the Valle del Chota in the Imbabura Province. They can be also found...

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Punto Rojo LR

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Punto Rojo LR, is an Ecuadorian basketball team based in Ibarra, Imbabura Province. The team was founded on 27 January 2018 to tribute the late Lenin...

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facilities include a library, a hospital and a sanatorium. Atuntaqui, Imbabura Province, Ecuador North Korea portal List of cities in North Korea Geography...

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Llurimagua Project

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Llurimagua Project is a copper and molybdenum mining project in Imbabura Province, Ecuador. It is named after Llurimagua, which is a community in the...

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Province. Ecuador Department: 3 provinces — Pichincha Province, Chimborazo Province and Imbabura Province. 3 departments in 1820: Quito, Cundinamarca, Venezuela...

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