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How to Be a Conservative
Cover of the first edition
AuthorRoger Scruton
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherBloomsbury Continuum
Media typePrint

How to Be a Conservative is a 2014 book by the English philosopher Roger Scruton, in which the author outlines the conservative ideology, its opposition to economic materialism, and argues how it can be applied to crucial contemporary issues.

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How to Be a Conservative

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How to Be a Conservative is a 2014 book by the English philosopher Roger Scruton, in which the author outlines the conservative ideology, its opposition...

Word Count : 288


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relation to the culture and civilization in which it appears. In Western culture, depending on the particular nation, conservatives seek to promote a range...

Word Count : 19821

Conservative liberalism

Last Update:

Conservative liberalism, also referred to as right-liberalism, is a variant of liberalism, combining liberal values and policies with conservative stances...

Word Count : 4932

Social conservatism

Last Update:

conservatism is not to be confused with economically interventionist conservatism, where conservative ideas are combined with Keynesian economics and a welfare state...

Word Count : 3214

National conservatism

Last Update:

specifically, most conservative parties since 1989 have followed a national conservative ideology. In the United States, Trumpism can be considered a variety of...

Word Count : 4562


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refers to extreme conservative views in politics or religious practice. In modern politics, ultraconservative usually refers to conservatives of the far-right...

Word Count : 2299

Roger Scruton

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(1986), The Aesthetics of Music (1997), and How to Be a Conservative (2014). He was a regular contributor to the popular media, including The Times, The...

Word Count : 10772


Last Update:

American Conservative. 10 August 2020. Archived from the original on 19 October 2021. Retrieved 9 July 2021. "How a leading anti-Trump group ignored a crisis...

Word Count : 13436

Conservative Order

Last Update:

The Conservative Order was the period in political history of Europe after the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. From 1815 to 1830, a conscious program by conservative...

Word Count : 884

Traditionalist conservatism

Last Update:

structure rather than as a product of both. A prime example of a traditionalist conservative approach to patriotism may be seen in Bishop John Joseph...

Word Count : 4917

Liberal conservatism

Last Update:

to which individuals should be free to participate in the market and generate wealth without government interference. However, liberal conservatives also...

Word Count : 5149

Conservatism in the United States

Last Update:

Riebling, "Prospectus for a Critique of Conservative Reason." A History of Conservative Movements – slideshow by Newsweek How Corporate America Invented...

Word Count : 17145

Moderate conservatism

Last Update:

vows to be tough on China but 'courteous' at home". The Times. 29 September 2021. Retrieved 21 February 2023. Fumio Kishida, a moderate conservative with...

Word Count : 1545

Conservatism in the United Kingdom

Last Update:

the Conservatives are often still referred to as Tories. The Australian scholar Glen Worthington has said: "For Edmund Burke and Australians of a like...

Word Count : 3689

Progressive conservatism

Last Update:

Progressive conservatism is a political ideology that attempts to combine conservative and progressive policies. While still supportive of capitalist economy...

Word Count : 1822

Colombian Conservative Party

Last Update:

The Colombian Conservative Party (Spanish: Partido Conservador Colombiano) is a conservative political party in Colombia. The party was formally established...

Word Count : 2916

Paternalistic conservatism

Last Update:

Paternalistic conservatives do not support the individual or the state in principle but are instead prepared to support either or recommend a balance between...

Word Count : 2965

Ben Shapiro

Last Update:

Los Angeles, California, to a Conservative Jewish family. He is Ashkenazi Jewish, When he was 9 years old, his family began to observe Orthodox Judaism...

Word Count : 9814


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traditionalist conservative political perspective of a person opposed to social, political, and economic change. Reactionary ideologies can be radical in...

Word Count : 2506

Peter Hitchens

Last Update:

October 1951) is an English conservative author, broadcaster, journalist, and commentator. He writes for The Mail on Sunday and was a foreign correspondent...

Word Count : 5798

Conservative variants of feminism

Last Update:

feminism are considered more conservative than others. Historically feminist scholars tend to not have much interest in conservative women but in recent years...

Word Count : 2628

Conservative corporatism

Last Update:

conservatism and the structural layout of corporatism, conservative corporatism arose as a response to liberalism and Marxism by rejecting the cultural pluralism...

Word Count : 470

Cultural conservatism

Last Update:

may imply a conservative position in the culture wars. Because cultural conservatism expresses the social dimension of conservatism according to the political...

Word Count : 2590

Suella Braverman

Last Update:

October 2022 to 13 November 2023. A member of the Conservative Party, she was chair of the European Research Group from 2017 to 2018 and Attorney General for...

Word Count : 9001

Bourgeois socialism

Last Update:

or conservative socialism was a term used by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in various pieces, including in The Communist Manifesto. Conservative socialism...

Word Count : 1590

Politics on the Edge

Last Update:

was published under the title How Not to Be a Politician: A Memoir. In the book, Stewart argues that there has been a decline in political standards...

Word Count : 591

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