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The Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award is an Iranian literary award notable for being one of the few literary awards in Iran that is run by a non-governmental organization.[1] Established in 2000,[2] the award is sponsored by the non-profit Golshiri Foundation.[1] The award focuses on modern contemporary Iranian literature. It is named in honor of Hooshang Golshiri, one of the most distinguished pioneers of Iranian modern fiction, who died in 2000. The first award was given in 2001 (1380 Solar Hijri calendar).

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Hooshang Golshiri Literary Awards

Last Update:

The Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award is an Iranian literary award notable for being one of the few literary awards in Iran that is run by a non-governmental...

Word Count : 891

Houshang Golshiri

Last Update:

was established after his death. It runs the prestigious Hooshang Golshiri Literary Awards. The Book of Genies (Jen Nameh) Struggle of Image with Painter...

Word Count : 927

Hamed Esmaeilion

Last Update:

Iranian-Canadian social activist, author, and dentist. Esmaeilion won Hooshang Golshiri Literary Awards for two of his books, Dr. Datis and Thyme is not Fair. Esmaeilion...

Word Count : 872

Hamed Habibi

Last Update:

collections of Hooshang Golshiri Literary Awards in 2009. In 2005,The Moon and Cooper won the special prize of Isfahan Literary Awards. Hamed Habibi and...

Word Count : 341

Ahmad Mahmoud

Last Update:

Temples), 2000 2001 Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award, Best Novel, The Fig Tree of the Temples "The 2001 Golshiri Awards". Golshiri Foundation. Archived...

Word Count : 931

List of Iranian women

Last Update:

novelist. Zoya Pirzad (born 1952), novelist and winner of Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award Moniro Ravanipour (born 1952), writer Gulrukhsor Safieva (born...

Word Count : 4046

Zoya Pirzad

Last Update:

fulfilling any more. I Will Turn Off the Lights won the 2002 Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for the 'Best Novel of the Year' for her "superb characterization...

Word Count : 630

Pouria Alami

Last Update:

The Window Dies Sooner, was nominated for Hooshang Golshiri Prize, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in Iran. He has published several poetry...

Word Count : 895

Sepideh Shamlou

Last Update:

Hooshang Golshiri Literary Awards, Best First Novel, As if You Had Said Leyli Sepideh Shamlou was a judge for the 7th Sadegh Hedayat Literary Award in...

Word Count : 268

Hossein Sanapour

Last Update:

sometimes screenplays and later literary critique and movie reviews. He had been present, since 1990, in Hooshang Golshiri's classes and then sessions, which...

Word Count : 501

Fereshteh Ahmadi

Last Update:

2004. Television, a short story in this collection was selected by Hooshang Golshiri Foundation as one of the best short stories of the year. Her first...

Word Count : 249

Reza Ghassemi

Last Update:

Reza Ghassemi has also directed an award-winning film In Full Bloom (2019). 2002 Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award, Best First Novel, The Nocturnal Harmony...

Word Count : 447

Fariba Vafi

Last Update:

and translated into German in 2019. This novel received the Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for 'Best Novel'. Her novel The secret in the Alleys was published...

Word Count : 557

Majid Gheisari

Last Update:

award for the book "Ziafat be Sarfe Golouleh (A banquet for the bullet)" in 2001 Nominee in the novel section of the tenth Hooshang Golshiri Literary...

Word Count : 1717

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

Last Update:

International Literary Award, shortlist, The Colonel 2011 Man Asian Literary Prize, longlist, The Colonel 2012 Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award, Lifetime...

Word Count : 1680

Hossein Mortezaeian Abkenar

Last Update:

2007 Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for "Best First Novel", and the Mehregan Award for the best novel of the year, as well as the Vaav Award for the...

Word Count : 342


Last Update:

Rahman, Hakim Syed Zillur. Resalah Judiya of Ibn Sina (First edition 1971), Literary Research Unit, CCRIH, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh; (Second edition...

Word Count : 13286

Majid Naficy

Last Update:

Nafissi," is an Iranian-American poet. He was the youngest member of the literary circle Jong-e Isfahan and considered the Arthur Rimbaud of Persian poetry...

Word Count : 3362

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