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Sufism is the mystical branch of Islam in which Muslims seek divine love and truth through direct personal experience of God.[1] This mystic tradition within Islam developed in several stages of growth, emerging first in the form of early asceticism, based on the teachings of Hasan al-Basri, before entering the second stage of more classical mysticism of divine love, as promoted by al-Ghazali and Attar of Nishapur, and finally emerging in the institutionalized form of today's network of fraternal Sufi orders, based on Sufis such as Rumi and Yunus Emre.[2][1] At its core, however, Sufism remains an individual mystic experience, and a Sufi can be characterized as one who seeks the annihilation of the ego in God.[3]

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History of Sufism

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Western Sufism

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Western Sufism, sometimes identified with Universal Sufism, Neo-Sufism, and Global Sufism, consists of a spectrum of Western European and North American...

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Martin (2000). "The Qadiriyya and the lineages of Qadiri shaykhs in Kurdistan". Journal of the History of Sufism. 1–2. CiteSeerX McDowall...

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lineages of Qâdirî shaykhs among the Kurds’, in: Thierry Zarcone, Ekrem Işın an Arthur Buehler (eds), The Qadiriyya Order, Journal of the History of Sufism (special...

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offshoot of 11th-century Ismaili Islam, are reported to have around 20,000 followers living in Australia. The study of the history of Sufism in Australia...

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