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Guanacaste Province information

Flag of Guanacaste
Official seal of Guanacaste
Coordinates: 10°26′N 85°24′W / 10.433°N 85.400°W / 10.433; -85.400
CountryCosta Rica
Capital and largest cityLiberia
 • Total10,141 km2 (3,915 sq mi)
 • Total354,154
 • Density35/km2 (90/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-06:00 (CST)
ISO 3166 codeCR-G
HDI (2019)0.793[1]
high · 5th of 7

Guanacaste (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwanaˈkaste]) is a province of Costa Rica located in the northwestern region of the country, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Alajuela Province to the east, and Puntarenas Province to the southeast. It is the most sparsely populated of all the provinces of Costa Rica. The province covers an area of 10,141 square kilometres (3,915 sq mi)[2][3] and as of 2010, had a population of 354,154, with annual revenue of $2 billion.

Guanacaste's capital is Liberia. Other important cities include Cañas and Nicoya.

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