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Location of Gojjam within the Ethiopian Empire

Gojjam (Amharic: ጎጃም gōjjām, originally ጐዛም gʷazzam, later ጐዣም gʷažžām, ጎዣም gōžžām) is a historical provincial kingdom in northwestern Ethiopia, with its capital city at Debre Marqos.

Gojjam's earliest western boundary extended up unto the triangle to ancient Meroë in Sudan. By 1700, Gojjam's western neighbors were Agawmeder in the southwest and Qwara in the northwest. Agawmeder, never an organized political entity, was gradually absorbed by Gojjam until it reached west to the Sultanate of Gubba; Juan Maria Schuver noted in his journeys in Agawmeder (September 1882) that in three prior months, "the Abyssinians considerably advanced their frontier towards the West, effacing what was left of the independent regions."[1] Gubba acknowledged its dependence to Emperor Menelik II in 1898, but by 1942 was absorbed into Gojjam.[2] Dek Island in Lake Tana was administratively part of Gojjam until 1987.[citation needed]

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Gojjam (Amharic: ጎጃም gōjjām, originally ጐዛም gʷazzam, later ጐዣም gʷažžām, ጎዣም gōžžām) is a historical provincial kingdom in northwestern Ethiopia, with...

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Tekle Haymanot of Gojjam

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as Adal Tesema, Tekle Haymanot of Gojjam, and Tekle Haimanot of Gojjam (c. 1847 – 10 January 1901), was King of Gojjam. He later was an army commander and...

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West Gojjam Zone

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Gojjam (Amharic: ምዕራብ ጎጃም) or Mirab Gojjam is a Zone in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. It is named after the former province of Gojjam. West Gojjam is...

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East Gojjam Zone

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East Gojjam (Amharic: ምሥራቅ ጎጃም), also called Misraq Gojjam, is a zone in Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Its capital is Debre Markos. East Gojjam is named...

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Opposition to Haile Selassie

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events that degraded Haile Selassie reputations include overtaxing system in Gojjam since 1930, famines in Wollo and Tigray since 1958, and autocratic land...

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title bestowed on governors of the most important provinces (kingdoms): Gojjam, Begemder, Wello, Tigray and the seaward kingdom, (where the variation Bahri...

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List of zones of Ethiopia

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woreda) Agew Awi East Gojjam North Gondar Central Gondar West Gondar Wag Hemra West Gojjam Bahir Dar (special zone) West Gojjam South Gondar North Wollo...

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Hailu Tekle Haymanot

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Hailu Tekle Haymanot (1868 – 1950), also named Hailu II of Gojjam, was an army commander and a member of the nobility of the Ethiopian Empire. He represented...

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Solomonic dynasty

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Ras Darge. The oldest junior cadet branch of the Solomonic Dynasty is the Gojjam branch which traces its ancestry through various lines of the main branch...

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Gideon Force

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covertly to encourage the rebellion in the western Ethiopian province of Gojjam, that the Italians had never been able to repress. In September, Colonel...

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Belay Zeleke

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Ethiopian military commander who led the Arbegnoch resistance movement in Gojjam against the Fascist Italians during the Italian occupation of Ethiopia from...

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Debre Markos

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Mark) is a city, separate woreda, and administrative seat of the East Gojjam Zone in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Originally named Manqwarar (lit: Cold Place)...

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Finote Selam drone strike

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Force launched a drone strike on the town of Finote Selam, in the West Gojjam Zone of Amhara Region in Ethiopia which killed 30 people while injuring...

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Battle of Embabo

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Gojjam. A letter survives from his son Abba Bagibo to Dejazmach Goshu Zewde, seeking an alliance against a mutual foe. The armies of Shewa and Gojjam...

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Yohannes IV

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Semien and Begemder, Sayint, Gojjam, Wollo and Shewa. He crowned Menelik King of Shewa in 1878 and Tekle Haymanot King of Gojjam and Kaffa in 1881 and encouraged...

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Imru Haile Selassie

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smoldering rebellion there. In 1932, Imru was promoted to Ras and made ruler of Gojjam province. Imru replaced Ras Hailu Tekle Haymanot, who had been convicted...

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Amhara Region

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the Ethiopian Empire, Amhara included several provinces (such as Dembiya, Gojjam, Begemder, Angot, Wollo, Shewa and Lasta), most of which were ruled by native...

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Habesha peoples

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Serae Shewa (Efrata, Geshe) Shire Wag Kingdom of Beta Israel Dembiya Gafat Gojjam Waldebba Semien Wegera Qwara Tsegede Wolqayt Kingdom of Damot Dawro Enarya...

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Islam in Ethiopia

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due to coercion and those who didn't moved to the western parts of the Gojjam near Sudan where they continued practicing Islam. Emperor Tewodros II successor...

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Atse Iyasu

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Joshua was a proclaimed Emperor of Ethiopia from 1787 to 1788 in Tigray and Gojjam by enemies of Ras Ali I of Yejju. He was defeated in battle against Ras...

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Ethiopian aristocratic and court titles

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rulers of Begemder, Shewa, Gojjam, Wollo, all held the title of Negus at some point, as the "Negus of Shewa", "Negus of Gojjam", and so forth. During and...

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Walda Giyorgis

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Walda Giyorgis (died June 1918) was an ecclesiastic during the reign of Menelik II. Walda Giyorgis was a monk of Amhara lineage, who in his early years...

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Menelik II

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force. He received the submission of the local officials in Lasta, Yejju, Gojjam, Wollo, and Begemder. Menelik II is argued to be the founder of modern Ethiopia...

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Demeke Mekonnen

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until the dissolution of the two in December 2019. Demeke was born in the Gojjam Province of Ethiopia and later was resettled to the Chagni district during...

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Horn of Africa

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Serae Shewa (Efrata, Geshe) Shire Wag Kingdom of Beta Israel Dembiya Gafat Gojjam Waldebba Semien Wegera Qwara Tsegede Wolqayt Kingdom of Damot Dawro Enarya...

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Sabla Wangel Hailu

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16th-century ancestor, Empress Sabla Wangel, whom the modern people of Gojjam also believe to have been connected to their region. To differentiate the...

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which was held by hereditary governors of the provinces of Begemder, Shewa, Gojjam, and Wollo. The next highest seven titles were Ras, Dejazmach, Fit'awrari...

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