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Flags of Africa information

A map of Africa with national flags, excluding dependent territories and partially recognized states

These are the various flags of Africa.

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Flags of Africa

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These are the various flags of Africa. An incomplete list of flags representing intra-African international and supranational organisations, which omits...

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Flag of South Africa

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South African flag Southern African Vexillological Association (SAVA) South Africa at Flags of the World South Africa (1928-1994) at Flags of the World South...

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List of South African flags

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provincial flags. The following flags have been used as the national flag of the Union of South Africa and the Republic of South Africa: Many flags were used...

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Gallery of sovereign state flags

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please see flags of active autonomist and secessionist movements, flags of extinct states and gallery of flags of dependent territories. Each flag is depicted...

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Flags of Asia

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of Taiwan. Egypt is mostly situated within Africa, however the Sinai Peninsula lies in Asia. Flags of Africa Flags of Europe Flags of Oceania Flags of...

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Flag of Liberia

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Dictionary of Liberia, pp. 107–109. "Liberian shipping draws scrutiny". NBC News. 11 August 2003. "Liberia Flag- Liberian Flags". World Flags 101. Archived...

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Flag of Chad

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what they tell us about national flags and coats of arms. Jos Poels. [Johannesburg, South Africa]: Southern African Vexillological Association (SAVA)...

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Lists of city flags

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list of city flags lists the flags of cities. Most of the city flags are based on the coat of arms or emblems of its city itself, and city flags can be...

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Flag of the African Union

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The current flag of the African Union was adopted at its 14th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government, which took place in Addis...

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Flag of the Central African Republic

Last Update:

1979)". Flags of the World. Retrieved 1 November 2016. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Flags of the Central African Republic. Central African Republic...

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Flag of Uganda

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Standard of the governor of Uganda (1914 – March 1962) Unofficial flag (March – October 9, 1962) Presidential standard of Uganda Military flags Flag of the...

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Flag of Mozambique

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one of four national flags among UN member states that feature a firearm, along with those of Guatemala, Haiti and Bolivia, but is the only one of the...

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Flag of Kenya

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The flag is based on that of Kenya African National Union and was officially adopted on 12 December 1963 after Kenya's independence. The Kenyan flag is...

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Flag of Niger

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West Africa. It uses the national colors of orange, white and green, in equal horizontal bands, with an orange roundel in the center. The flag forms...

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Flag of Tanzania

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design of the present flag incorporates the elements from the two former flags. It is one of a relatively small number of national flags incorporating a diagonal...

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Flag of Ethiopia

Last Update:

Retrieved 9 May 2017. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Flags of Ethiopia. Ethiopia at Flags of the World Flag of Ethiopia Worldstatesmen – Ethiopia...

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Flag of Rwanda

Last Update:

Silence in Rwanda. ISBN 9780299286439. Retrieved 17 September 2021. "Flags of Africa — Countries Starting with R". Retrieved 24 March 2014. Burnet, Jennie...

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Flag of Zambia

Last Update:

and orange. The placement of the eagle and block of stripes at the flag's fly is notable as most emblems and devices on flags are placed at centre or at...

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List of city flags in Africa

Last Update:

This page lists the city flags in Africa. It is a part of the Lists of city flags, which is split into continents due to its size. Mascara Oued Rhiou Benguela...

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Flag of Somalia

Last Update:

The World Encyclopedia of Flags. p. 222. ISBN 0-7548-0167-5. Talocci, Mauro (1982). Smith, Whitney (ed.). Guide to the Flags of the World. p. 131. ISBN 0-688-01141-1...

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Flag of Namibia

Last Update:

The flag of Namibia was adopted on 21 March 1990 upon independence from South Africa. The National Symbols Sub-Committee received 870 entries for the national...

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Flag of Angola

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Angola Proposed flag of Angola (1996) Proposed flag of Angola (2003) Presidential standard of Angola List of Angolan flags Flags of the world (2nd ed...

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Flag of Tunisia

Last Update:

of maritime flags flying on ships in Tunis are unknown. However, various sources have been able to distinguish certain similarities among the flags:...

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Flag of Nigeria

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to Flags of Nigeria. Nigeria at Flags of the World – Nigeria Coats of arms and flags of Nigerian...

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Flag of Sudan

Last Update:

Area Africa portal List of Sudanese flags Emblem of Sudan Flag of South Sudan Flag of Egypt Flag of Syria Flag of Iraq Flag of Yemen World Flags 101....

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Flag of Sierra Leone

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Commons has media related to Flags of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone at Flags of the World Queen's and Regimental Colors – Army of Sierra Leone Archived 2011-06-25...

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Flag of Gabon

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p. 3633. ISBN 9781857432558. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Flags of Gabon. Flag of Gabon at Flags of the World Gabon Flag at World Flags 101...

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Flag of Morocco

Last Update:

dynasty, and the first flags of the country were plain red. On 17 November 1915, Sultan Yusef signed a dhahir that made Morocco's flag red with a green interlaced...

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