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Fish sauce information

Fish sauce
Place of originVarious places
Region or stateSoutheast Asia and East Asia
Associated cuisineMyanmar, Cambodia, China, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam
Main ingredientsFish, salt
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Fish sauce
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese魚露
Simplified Chinese鱼露
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese蝦油
Simplified Chinese虾油
Second alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese魚水
Simplified Chinese鱼水
Burmese name
Burmeseငါးငံပြာရည် (ngan bya yay)
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese alphabetnước mắm
Chữ Nôm渃𩻐
Thai name
RTGSnam pla
Korean name
Japanese name
Malay name
Malaysos ikan
Indonesian name
Indonesiankecap ikan
Filipino name
Lao name
Laoນ້ຳປາ (nam pā)
Khmer name
Khmerទឹកត្រី (tɨk trəy)

Fish sauce is a liquid condiment made from fish or krill that have been coated in salt and fermented for up to two years.[1][2]: 234  It is used as a staple seasoning in East Asian cuisine and Southeast Asian cuisine, particularly Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Some garum-related fish sauces have been used in the West since the Roman times.

Due to its ability to add a savory umami flavor to dishes, it has been embraced globally by chefs and home cooks. The umami flavor in fish sauce is due to its glutamate content.[3]

Fish sauce is used as a seasoning during or after cooking, and as a base in dipping sauces. Soy sauce is regarded by some in the West as a vegetarian alternative to fish sauce though they are very different in flavor.[1]: 234 

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