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Filibuster War information

Filibuster War

Costa Rican troops attacking William Walker at Rivas in 1856
Date1 June 1855 – 5 May 1857
(1 year, 11 months and 4 days)
Costa Rica; Nicaragua

Central American alliance victory

  • William Walker-led Filibusters are defeated
  • Surrender of William Walker to the U.S. Navy[2]

Filibuster War Filibusters

  • Filibuster War Occupied Nicaragua
Filibuster War Nicaraguan Liberals

Allied Central American Army (Ejército Aliado Centroamericano)

  • Filibuster War Nicaragua
    • Legitimistas and Democráticos parties
  • Filibuster War Costa Rica
  • Filibuster War Honduras
  • Filibuster War Guatemala
  • Filibuster War El Salvador
Filibuster War United States (from 1857)[1]
Commanders and leaders
  • Filibuster War William Walker Surrendered
  • Filibuster War Francisco Castellón #
  • Filibuster War Trinidad Muñoz 
  • Filibuster War Charles Henningsen
  • Filibuster War Birkett D. Fry
  • Filibuster War Collier Hornsby
  • Filibuster War Domingo de Goicouría
  • Filibuster War Byron Cole
  • Filibuster War Tomás Martínez
  • Filibuster War Fernando Chamorro
  • Filibuster War Máximo Jerez
  • Filibuster War Juan Rafael Mora
  • Filibuster War José Joaquín Mora
  • Filibuster War Florencio Xatruch
  • Filibuster War José Víctor Zavala
  • Filibuster War Ramón Belloso
  • Filibuster War José María Cañas
  • Filibuster War Charles H. Davis
5,213 mercenaries (1855–1857) 2,500 men (Costa Rica)
4,000 men (Ejército Aliado Centroamericano)
Casualties and losses
1,000 killed[3]

1,202 killed[4]

9,615 soldiers and civilians dead by cholera outbreak[5]

The Filibuster War or Walker affair was a military conflict between filibustering multinational troops stationed in Nicaragua and a coalition of Central American armies. An American mercenary, William Walker, invaded Nicaragua in 1855 with a small private army. He seized control of the country by 1856, but was ousted the following year.

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