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Filibuster War information

William Walker's Invasion of Nicaragua
Second Battle of Rivas 1856.jpg
Costa Rican troops attacking William Walker at Rivas in 1856.
Date1 March 1856 – 1 May 1857
(1 year and 2 months)
Costa Rica; Nicaragua

Central American alliance victory

  • William Walker-led Filibusters are defeated
  • Surrender of William Walker to the U.S. Navy.[2]
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Filibusters
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Occupied Nicaragua

Allied Central American Army (Ejército Aliado Centroamericano)

  • Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858).svg Nicaragua
    • Legitimistas and Democráticos parties
  • Filibuster War Costa Rica
  • Flag of Honduras (1839-1866).svg Honduras
  • Filibuster War Mosquito Coast
  • Flag of Guatemala (1851-1858).svg Guatemala
  • Filibuster War El Salvador
Filibuster War United States (from 1857)[1]
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg William Walker
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Francisco Castellón
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Charles F. Henningsen
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Birkett D. Fry
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Collier C. Hornsby
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Domingo Goicouría
Flag of Nicaragua under William Walker (1856-1857).svg Byron Cole
Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858).svg Tomás Martínez Guerrero
Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858).svg Fernando Chamorro Alfaro
Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858).svg Máximo Jerez Tellería
Flag of Costa Rica (1848-1906).svg Juan Rafael Mora Porras
Flag of Costa Rica (1848-1906).svg José Joaquín Mora Porras
Flag of Honduras (1839-1866).svg Florencio Xatruch
Filibuster War George Augustus Frederic II
Flag of Guatemala (1851-1858).svg José Víctor Zavala
El Salvador Ramón Belloso
El Salvador José María Cañas
United States Charles H. Davis
5,213 mercenaries (1855–1857) 2,500 men (Costa Rica)
4,000 men (Ejército Aliado Centroamericano)
Casualties and losses
1,000 killed (all causes)[3]

1,202 killed[4]

9,615 dead by cholera outbreak[5]

The Filibuster War or Walker affair was a military conflict between filibustering multinational troops stationed in Nicaragua and a coalition of Central American armies. An American mercenary William Walker invaded Nicaragua in 1855 with a small private army. He seized control of the country by 1856, but was ousted the following year.

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