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Look up feed in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Feed or The Feed may refer to: Animal feed, food given to domestic animals in the course of animal husbandry...

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FEED may refer to: FEED Projects, an international hunger-fighting charity Foundation for European Economic Development, a charity formed in November...

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Web feed

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a web feed (or news feed) is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby...

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Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. It is also available as a cloud-based service...

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web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardized, computer-readable format. Subscribing to RSS feeds can allow...

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BuzzFeed, Inc. is an American Internet media, news and entertainment company with a focus on digital media. Based in New York City, BuzzFeed was founded...

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Feeding the multitude

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Christianity, feeding the multitude comprises two separate miracles of Jesus, reported in the Gospels, in which Jesus used modest resources to feed thousands...

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Push feed and controlled feed

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Push feed and controlled feed (or controlled round feed) are two main types of mechanisms used in firearms to describe how the bolt drives the cartridge...

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management, neural networks, cognitive studies and behavioural science. Feed forward is a type of element or pathway within a control system. Feedforward...

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News aggregator

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In computing, a news aggregator, also termed a feed aggregator, feed reader, news reader, RSS reader, or simply an aggregator is client software or a...

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Feed Me

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Feed Me may refer to: Jon Gooch (born 1984), English musician, stage name Feed Me Feed Me (film), a 2013 Chinese drama "Feed Me (Git It)", a song by Alan...

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Feed dog

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A feed dog is a movable plate which pulls fabric through a sewing machine in discrete steps between stitches. A set of feed dogs typically resembles two...

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Feed Magazine

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Feed or (1995–2001) was one of the earliest online magazines that relied entirely on its original content. Feed was founded in New York by...

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Somebody Feed Phil

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Somebody Feed Phil is an American television travel documentary series presented by Philip Rosenthal that premiered on Netflix on January 12, 2018. In...

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Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media. Video was first developed for mechanical...

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Animal feed

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Animal feed is food given to domestic animals, especially livestock, in the course of animal husbandry. There are two basic types: fodder and forage. Used...

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Feed URI scheme

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The feed URI scheme was a suggested uniform resource identifier (URI) scheme designed to facilitate subscription to web feeds; specifically, it was intended...

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Data feed

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latter is also called web feed. News feed is a popular form of web feed. RSS feed makes dissemination of blogs easy. Product feeds play increasingly important...

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JSON Feed is a Web feed file format for Web syndication in JSON instead of XML as used by RSS and Atom. A range of software libraries and web frameworks...

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Sewing machine

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no feed action. Almost all household machines and the majority of industrial machines use drop feed. Differential feed is a variation of drop feed with...

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Poultry feed

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Poultry feed is food for farm poultry, including chickens, ducks, geese and other domestic birds. Before the twentieth century, poultry were mostly kept...

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ranges are valid in XML 1.0 documents: U+0009 (Horizontal Tab), U+000A (Line Feed), U+000D (Carriage Return): these are the only C0 controls accepted in XML...

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Feed the Tree

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"Feed the Tree" is a song by American alternative rock band Belly, released as the band's first single from their debut album, Star, in 1993. It is the...

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Feed ramp

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A feed ramp is a basic feature of many breech loading cartridge firearm designs. It is a tightly machined and polished piece of metal which guides a cartridge...

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Comparison of feed aggregators

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following is a comparison of RSS feed aggregators. Often e-mail programs and web browsers have the ability to display RSS feeds. They are listed here, too....

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Feed the Kitty

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Feed the Kitty is a 1952 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese. The cartoon was released on February...

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