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A medieval map of Fatagar and surrounding areas

Fatagar (Amharic: ፈጠጋር) was a historical province that separated Muslim and Christian dominions in the medieval Horn of Africa.[1] In the eleventh century it was part of the Muslim states, then was invaded by the Christian kingdom led by Emperor Amda Seyon I, after which it would serve as central district in, and home of multiple rulers of, the Ethiopian Empire in the 15th century.[2][3][4]

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Fatagar (Amharic: ፈጠጋር) was a historical province that separated Muslim and Christian dominions in the medieval Horn of Africa. In the eleventh century...

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dynasty. Dawit I and his successors stayed in Fatagar (part of Shewa) for a long time in Tobya (Yifat, Fatagar). The kingdom served as the birthplace of the...

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Battle of Fatagar

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The Battle of Fatagar (alternatively known as Nech Sar) was a reprisal war between the participants of the previous Adal Sultanate and Ethiopian Empire...

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immediately withdrew the area. Gelawdewos was beheaded at the Battle of Fatagar in 1559. In response, Abyssinian Ras Hamalmal sacked the Adal capital of...

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Sultanate of Arababni

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of Arababni was conquered by the Ethiopian Empire and made part of Fatagar. Fatagar, and thus, Arbabni is the region southeast of the modern capital Addis...

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Harar Engagements Battle of Ansata, Battle of Shimbra Kure, Battle of Fatagar, Battle of Hazalo, Battle of Endagabatan, Battle of Hadiya Commanders Commander...

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Nur ibn Mujahid

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In 1559, he invaded Fatagar, where he fought against the Ethiopian Emperor Galawdewos, and killed him at the Battle of Fatagar. Around the same time...

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Sultanate of Ifat

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Richard Pankhurst. According to Taddesse Tamrat, Ifat's borders included Fatagar, Dawaro and Bale. The port of Zeila provided an entry point for trade and...

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Endagabton was a historical province of Ethiopia. Located north west of the old Fatagar region, bounded by Mugar, Gudar as well as Abay rivers. The region is in...

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sent the latter's head to the Emperor. In 1559, Nur ibn Mujahid invaded Fatagar with a force comprising 1800 horsemen and 500 riflemen, and numerous sword...

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Amhara people

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included Dembiya, Begemder, Gojjam, Wollo, Lasta, Shewa, Semien, Angot, and Fatagar. Evidence of a traceable Christian Axumite presence in Amhara dates back...

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Oromo migrations

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that began to weaken Ethiopian control. All of Dewaro was pillaged, and Fatagar to its north was attacked for the first time. Furthermore, according to...

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defenders were weakened by their fasts. He invaded the Amhara, Shewa, and Fatagar provinces south of the Awash River. According to Portuguese explorer Francisco...

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Provinces of Ethiopia

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Ethiopia. These include: Agame Agawmeder Begemder Dawaro Dembiya Enderta Fatagar Hadiya Ifat Lasta Menz Qwara Semien Tembien Tigray Tselemt Tsegede[citation...

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Dawit II

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flintlocks and matchlocks. The Imam crossed the Awash River and entered Fatagar in 1528, looting and burning the town of Badeqe before Dawit could arrive...

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List of active Indonesian Navy ships

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"Kaskolinlamil Pimpin Upacara Penurunan Ular-Ular Perang Kri Tanjung Fatagar-974". Archived from the original on 2018-02-06. Retrieved...

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neighbored other states in the medieval era including Ifat, Mora, Hadiya, Fatagar, Biqulzar and Fedis. According to Dr. Lapiso Delebo, Gidaya was one of...

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List of equipment of the Indonesian Navy

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"Kaskolinlamil Pimpin Upacara Penurunan Ular-Ular Perang KRI Tanjung Fatagar-974". (in Indonesian). 15 October 2014. Retrieved...

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Awash River

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Issa people. The valley of the Awash have been included as part of the Fatagar, Ifat, and Shewa. According to Huntingford, in the 16th century the Awash...

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Adal Sultanate

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Walashma rule, alongside the provinces of Gidaya, Dawaro, Sawans, Bali, and Fatagar. In 1332, Adal was invaded by the Ethiopian Emperor Amda Seyon I. His soldiers...

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Bati del Wambara

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Mujahid's forces fought against the heavily outnumbered Emperor Gelawdewos in Fatagar, and the dead body of Ethiopian emperor was beheaded, reportedly on the...

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Battle of Antukyah

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Sultanate Ethiopian Empire Commanders and leaders Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi Eslamu, Governor of Fatagar Strength 12,000 men 500 horses ~100,000 men...

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List of wars involving Ethiopia

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of Ifat Shewa Sultanate Shewa Defeat Gidaya, Dawaro, Sawans, Bali, and Fatagar incorporated into the Ifat Sultanate. Conquests of the Emperor Amda Seyon...

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List of Muslim states and dynasties

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(1200–1314) Hadiya Sultanate (1200–1495) Sultanate of Ifat (1285–1415) Fatagar (1400-1650) Adal Sultanate (1415–1577) Sultanate of Harar (1526–1577) Imamate...

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Zara Yaqob

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1436 Predecessor Amda Iyasus Successor Baeda Maryam I Born 1399 Telq, Fatagar, Ethiopian Empire Died 26 August 1468(1468-08-26) (aged 68–69) Spouse Eleni...

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