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Famagusta District information

Coordinates: 35°20′N 33°52′E / 35.333°N 33.867°E / 35.333; 33.867

Famagusta District
Map of Cyprus showing Famagusta district

Famagusta District (Greek: Επαρχία Αμμοχώστου, romanized: Eparhia Ammohostu; Turkish: Mağusa kazası) is one of the six districts of Cyprus. Its main town is the island's most important port, Famagusta.

A district administration in "exile" exists on the Republic of Cyprus-controlled part of the island. This part of the district has a population of 46,900 inhabitants (2015).[1]

Most of the district has been under Turkish control since the 1974 invasion. Since 1998, the northeastern section, including the Karpaz Peninsula, has been administered separately as the İskele District, a division not recognized by the Republic of Cyprus and the UN.

Cape Greco (Italian: Capo Greco; Greek: Κάβο Γκρέκο, romanized: Kavo Greko; "Greek cape"), is a headland in the southeastern part of the district. It is at the southern end of Famagusta Bay. It is visited by tourists for its natural environment, and is a protected coastal nature park.[citation needed] From the high points on the cliff that rests at the cape one can view out to sea. According to local legend, it is also the home of the Ayia Napa sea monster.

The area includes the fertile area known as the 'red villages' (Kokkinochoria, Κοκκινοχώρια),[2] named after the distinct red color of the soil.[3]

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Famagusta District

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Famagusta (UK: /ˌfæməˈɡʊstə, ˌfɑːm-/ FA(H)M-ə-GUUST-ə, US: /ˌfɑːməˈɡuːstə/ FAH-mə-GOO-stə; Greek: Αμμόχωστος, romanized: Ammóchostos, IPA: [aˈmːoxostos];...

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of the soil). It is a town of the Famagusta District, in the remaining Greek-controlled southern part of the district, while the northern part has been...

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Paralimni (Greek: Παραλίμνι) is a town within the Famagusta District of Cyprus, situated on the island's east coast. Since the Turkish invasion in 1974...

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35.01500°N 34.05417°E / 35.01500; 34.05417 Country  Cyprus District Famagusta District Population  • Total 20,230 Time zone UTC+2 (EET)  • Summer (DST)...

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government use. Nicosia District: from 1000 to 2999 Limassol District: from 3000 to 4999 Famagusta District: from 5000 to 5999 Larnaca District: from 6000 to 7999...

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Peninsula in the Northeastern part of Cyprus. While nominally part of the Famagusta District of the Republic of Cyprus, it has been under the de facto control...

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Paralimni and Protaras, and 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) and part of the Famagusta district. It is a relatively new tourist town and under heavy construction...

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Grivas. He was originally assigned the regional command of the district of Famagusta which he knew well. It was Grigoris Afxentiou who first thought...

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Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque

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Sophia (Ayasofya) Mosque of Mağusa, is the largest medieval building in Famagusta, Cyprus. Built between 1298 and c. 1400, it was consecrated as a Catholic...

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Georgios Grivas

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recruited Grigoris Afxentiou as one of the team leaders, initially of the Famagusta district. Grivas escaped capture twice after he was surrounded by British forces...

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Nicosia District

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Tremetousia and Arsos in Larnaca District and Afania in Famagusta District. Thus, the population of Nicosia District has increased eight-fold since 1881...

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Panayiotis Michael Zavos (Greek: Παναγιώτης Ζαβός), or Panos Zavos (Πάνος Ζαβός, pronounced [zaˈvos]), is a physiologist who was born in Cyprus and later...

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Eleftheria Eleftheriou (Greek: Ελευθερία Ελευθερίου; Greek pronunciation: [elefθeˈri.a elefθeˈri.u]; born 12 May 1989) is a Greek-Cypriot singer, musician...

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Enkomi (Greek: Έγκωμη; Turkish: Tuzla) is a village near Famagusta in Cyprus. It is the site of an important Bronze Age city, possibly the capital of...

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[locally [afˈkoɾu]]) is a municipal district of the Municipality of Ayia Napa in southwestern Famagusta District, Cyprus. It is located near Frenaros...

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Paralimni Stadium

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Paralimni Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Paralimni, Cyprus. It is currently[when?] used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Enosis...

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Policy Center. Ivi Adamou was born on 24 November 1993 in Paralimni, Famagusta, to a Greek Cypriot father and a Bulgarian mother. She is one of the three...

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Vokolida (Greek: Βοκολίδα, Turkish: Bafra) is a village in the Famagusta District of Cyprus, located on the Karpas Peninsula. It is under the de facto...

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Ephraim of Vatopedi

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Vatopedi at Mount Athos. He was born on 5 June 1956 in Peristeronopigi, Famagusta District, Cyprus (currently administered by Northern Cyprus). His parents,...

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09556°N 33.89972°E / 35.09556; 33.89972 Country  Cyprus  • District Famagusta District Country  UK  • SBA Dhekelia (for south of Strovilia) Time zone...

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Gregorios Theocharous

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Gregorios was born in the Cypriot village of Marathovounos in the Famagusta District on 28 October 1928. He was the ninth and last child of the builder...

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Government in exile

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Also in the Famagusta District of Cyprus, the administration of the part retained by the Republic of Cyprus considers itself as a "District administration...

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a population of 2,358. It was the 8th most populous settlement in Famagusta District and 32nd in the whole of Cyprus. As of 2011[update], its population...

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