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Espargos is located in Cape Verde
Coordinates: 16°45′22″N 22°56′46″W / 16.756°N 22.946°W / 16.756; -22.946
CountryCape Verde
Civil parishNossa Senhora das Dores
 • Total17,081

Espargos (Portuguese for "asparagus") is the capital and main commercial centre of the island and municipality of Sal, Cape Verde. The city[2] is situated in the heart of the island.

  1. ^ "2010 Census results". Instituto Nacional de Estatística Cabo Verde (in Portuguese). 24 November 2016.
  2. ^ Cabo Verde, Statistical Yearbook 2015, Instituto Nacional de Estatística, p. 32-33

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Espargos (Portuguese for "asparagus") is the capital and main commercial centre of the island and municipality of Sal, Cape Verde. The city is situated...

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Espargo is a former civil parish in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. In 2013, the parish merged into the new parish Santa Maria da...

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Cape Verdean Football Federation

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Académica Sal-Rei - Sal-Rei Académico do Aeroporto - Espargos on Sal Island Académica (Espargos) - Espargos on Sal Island Académico Sal Rei - Sal Rei on Boa...

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Cape Verde

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Sal (33,347). The largest cities are Praia (137,868), Mindelo (69,013), Espargos (24,500) and Assomada (21,297). The country is named after the Cap-Vert...

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Cabo Verde Express

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Cabo Verde Express is a Cape Verdean regional airline headquartered in Espargos and based at Amílcar Cabral International Airport operating domestic scheduled...

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List of hub airports

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Elysian Airlines Section Liaison Air Yaoundé National Airways Cameroon Espargos Cabo Verde Express Halcyonair TACV Praia TACV São Pedro TACV N'Djamena...

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List of airports in Cape Verde

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21361°W / 15.15611; -23.21361 (Maio Airport (Porto Inglês)) 15,100 Sal Espargos GVAC SID Amílcar Cabral International Airport 16°44′32″N 022°56′56″W /...

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List of association football stadiums by country

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Vitória, ADESBA, Tchadense Santiago South Zone Estádio Marcelo Leitão Espargos 8,000 Académica do Sal, Académico do Aeroporto, Juventude, Verdun Pedra...

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Pedra de Lume

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village is situated on the east coast, about 5 km east of the island capital Espargos. It has a small port and a lighthouse, Farol de Pedra de Lume. Pedra de...

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Sal Premier Division

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Académico do Aeroporto - Espargos Académica do Sal - Espargos ASGUI - Santa Maria Florença - Santa Maria Gaviões - Hortelã, Espargos - relegated after finishing...

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List of football stadiums in Cape Verde

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Estadio Municipal Amílcar Cabral - Porto Novo, Santo Antão Estadio do Espargos - Sal Estadio de Sal Rei - Boa Vista Campo de Tarrafal - Tarrafal de São...

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History of Cape Verde

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forbade reporting on the deaths or even the use of the word "famine.": 134  Espargos, in the centre of the island of Sal was founded in the late 1940s as the...

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Cabo Verde Airlines

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Cabo Verde Airlines is an international airline based in Cape Verde. It connects three continents with non-stop flights from their hub at Amílcar Cabral...

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Cape Verdean Football Championship

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Champion of the Santiago North Premier Division. Académico do Aeroporto (Espargos) – Champion of the Sal Premier Division Académica Porto Novo (Porto Novo)...

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airline with its head office in Amílcar Cabral International Airport in Espargos, Sal, Cape Verde. It was established in April 2005 and operated domestic...

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List of companies of Cape Verde

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Private charter airline Cabo Verde Express Consumer services Airlines Espargos 1998 Private charter airline Cabo Verde Investimentos Financials Investment...

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List of churches in Cape Verde

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José church - Calheta do Maio São Pedro church - Pedro Vaz Espargos Nazarene church - Espargos Nossa Senhora das Dores church, - Santa Maria1 Nossa Senhora...

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Transport in Cape Verde

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has unscheduled yasi service between Espargos and Santa Maria, with frequent departures in the morning from Espargos, where most locals live, to Santa Maria...

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List of SC Santa Maria players

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based in Santa Maria, Cape Verde and plays at Estádio Marcelo Leitão in Espargos. The club was formed on 1 April 1937. Also as Fa Also known as Ronny Also...

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same number of inhabitants as Rotselaar. Sal has 4 habitational centres: Espargos with the main urban and administrative centre and the international airport...

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Juan Mbo Ondo

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national team on 28 March 2009 in a 0–5 friendly loss to Cape Verde in Espargos. "Competitions - 19th Edition of CAF Champions League - Team Details -...

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