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Espaillat Province information

North coast of Espaillat province.
North coast of Espaillat province.
Coat of arms of Espaillat
Tierra de Héroes
Location of the Espaillat Province
Location of the Espaillat Province
CountryEspaillat Province Dominican Republic
Province since1885
 • TypeSubdivisions
 • Body5 municipalities
10 municipal districts
 • Congresspersons1 Senator
5 Deputies
 • Total838.62 km2 (323.79 sq mi)
 • Total333,401
 • Density400/km2 (1,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4 (EST)
Area code1-809 1-829 1-849
ISO 3166-2DO-09
Postal Code56000
Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Moca

Espaillat (Spanish pronunciation: [espajˈʎat]) is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic. It is divided into 5 municipalities and its capital city is Moca. Located in north-central Dominican Republic (Cibao), it is bordered by the provinces of La Vega to the south, Santiago and Puerto Plata to the west, and María Trinidad Sánchez to the north-east. The province has a coastline to the north with the Atlantic Ocean. It is named for Ulises Francisco Espaillat (1823–1878), the 19th-century author who was briefly President of the Republic in 1876.

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Espaillat Province

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to the north-east. The province has a coastline to the north with the Atlantic Ocean. It is named for Ulises Francisco Espaillat (1823–1878), the 19th-century...

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Hermanas Mirabal Province

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named after the Mirabal sisters) is a province of the Dominican Republic. It was split from Espaillat Province in 1952 and was originally called Salcedo...

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Ulises Francisco Espaillat

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from April 29, 1876, to October 5, 1876. Espaillat Province is named after him. Ulises Francisco Espaillat Quiñones was born on 9 February 1823 in Santiago...

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Espaillat may refer to: Espaillat Province, a province in the Dominican Republic Adriano Espaillat (born 1954), Dominican-born American politician, U.S...

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Estadio Complejo Deportivo Moca 86

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Estadio Complejo Deportivo Moca 86 is a football stadium in Moca, Dominican Republic. It is currently used for football matches and hosts the home games...

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Freddy Peralta

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Freddy Peralta Diaz (born June 4, 1996) is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball (MLB). Freddy Peralta...

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Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic. Salcedo, their home province, changed its name to Provincia Hermanas Mirabal (Mirabal Sisters Province). The International Day for the Elimination...

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Ernesto Trinidad

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Ernesto Chet Trinidad Reyes (born 2 January 1996) is a Dominican footballer who plays as a defender for Cibao FC and the Dominican Republic national team...

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Moca FC

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professional football club of Dominican Republic located in Moca, Espaillat Province. Moca FC was the team with most championships in the defunct Major...

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Jonathan Alonso

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Jonathan "Maravilla" Alonso Flete (born 6 September 1990 in Jamao al Norte, Dominican Republic) is a Dominican-Spanish boxer. At the 2012 Summer Olympics...

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Henry Santos

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also a dancer, actor and art designer. Santos was born in 1979, in Moca, Espaillat, Dominican Republic. He moved with his family to the Bronx, NY, aged 13...

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Segundo Imbert

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Brigadier General Segundo Francisco Imbert del Monte (Moca; 12 May 1837 – Puerto Plata; 16 October 1905) was a Dominican military figure and politician;...

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Esteban Hotesse

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Mitchell crash in July 1945. Hotesse was born on February 11, 1919, in Moca, Espaillat, Dominican Republic. He was the son of Clara Pacheco, a Dominican woman...

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Antonio de la Maza

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dictator which took place on May 30, 1961. De la Maza was born in Moca, Espaillat. His family had ties to Horacio Vásquez who was ousted by Trujillo when...

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Jonathan Rosario

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Jobwin Jhonatan Rosario Muñoz, nicknamed Bimbo (born 10 May 1984), is a Dominican Republic international football midfielder who plays for Moca FC in the...

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Yuna municipalities separated from Espaillat Province; and Matanzas Municipality separated from the Samaná Province. Distrito Pacifícador, Pacifícador...

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