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Enderta or Inderta (Ge'ez: እንደርታ) is a former historical province of Ethiopia; it is located in the eastern edge of the Tigray highlands. Enderta is bordered on the west by Tembien, on the south and southwest by Lasta and Wag, on the east by denkel (southern Red Sea region of Eritrea), and on the north by Agame and Adwa.[1][2] Mekelle was formerly the capital of the province. Enderta's local administration of Denkel/Afar up to the edges of Aseb under its jurisdiction seems to have been highly, interlinked with the operation of the salt trade and its taxation system; the entire tasks of salt caravan organization being the responsibility of the bäalgada, title assumed by the governor of Endärta, since at least the Medieval period.[3][4]

Notable Bea'al gadas included the mighty Ras Robel, grandfather of Emperor Sertse-Dengel as well as the paternal ancestor of Ras Suhul Mikael, Ras Faris the great, Ras Woldeselassie the great and Ras Araya Dimtsu, maternal uncle of Emperor Yohaness.[citation needed]

Historically, the province of Enderta had been ruled by its own hereditary governors, at least, since the restoration of the solomonic dynasty in 1270.[5][6][7][8][9] Starting in 1855 and beginning with Ras Araya dimtsu of Enderta[10] his immediate relations and descendants known collectively as Enderta Mesafint would rule the Tigrinya speaking provinces for more than 120 years until the down fall of the Ethiopian monarchy in 1974 from their capitals in Antalo first then from Mekelle both in Enderta; the last of these Enderta Mesafint being Ras Mangasha Seyum, thus, making Enderta the center of power where important political, economical as well as governmental decisions were made for more than 120 years within Tigray.

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Enderta Province

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Enderta or Inderta (Ge'ez: እንደርታ) is a former historical province of Ethiopia; it is located in the eastern edge of the Tigray highlands. Enderta is bordered...

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to be the administrative center of the Wenberta woreda, part of the Enderta Province. Nowadays, the new Wenberta district has its center in the town of...

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