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El Tor Airport information

El Tor Airport
Airport typePublic
ServesEl Tor
Elevation AMSL115 ft / 35 m
Coordinates28°12′30″N 33°38′45″E / 28.20833°N 33.64583°E / 28.20833; 33.64583Coordinates: 28°12′30″N 33°38′45″E / 28.20833°N 33.64583°E / 28.20833; 33.64583
ELT is located in Egypt
Location of the airport in Egypt
Direction Length Surface
ft m
10/28 9,840 3,000 Asphalt
Source: Google Maps[1]

El Tor Airport (IATA: ELT, ICAO: HETR) is an airport serving the Suez Gulf port city of El Tor, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

  1. ^ Google Maps - El Tor

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