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El Seibo Province information

El Seibo
Round Mountain in Miches, El Seibo, Dominican Republic
Round Mountain in Miches, El Seibo, Dominican Republic
Flag of El Seibo
Official seal of El Seibo
Coat of arms of El Seibo
The patriot and brave
Location of the El Seibo Province
Location of the El Seibo Province
CountryEl Seibo Province Dominican Republic
Province since1844
CapitalSanta Cruz de El Seibo
 • TypeSubdivisions
 • Body2 municipalities
5 municipal districts
 • Congresspersons1 Senator
2 Deputies
 • Total1,786.80 km2 (689.89 sq mi)
 • Total110,212
 • Density62/km2 (160/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4 (EST)
Area code1-809 1-829 1-849
ISO 3166-2DO-08
Postal Code24000

El Seibo (Spanish pronunciation: [el ˈsejβo]), alternatively spelt El Seybo, is a province of the Dominican Republic. Before 1992 it included what is now Hato Mayor province.

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El Seibo Province

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El Seibo (Spanish pronunciation: [el ˈsejβo]), alternatively spelt El Seybo, is a province of the Dominican Republic. Before 1992 it included what is now...

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Hato Mayor del Rey

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de la Mar, on the South by the San Pedro de Macorís Province, on the East by the El Seibo Province and on the West by the municipality of Bayaguana, Monte...

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Miches is a town located in El Seibo province in the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The community sits between the northern slopes of the...

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Hato Mayor Province

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district[citation needed]) is a province of the Dominican Republic. The province was split from El Seibo in 1984. The province as of June 20, 2006 is divided...

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Pedro Santana

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suicide, and taking his head as a trophy. Upon settling in El Seibo, the elder Santana acquired the El Prado herd in partnership with his friend Miguel Febles...

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provoke the bull with taunts without getting harmed themselves. In El Seibo Province of the Dominican Republic bullfights are not about killing or harming...

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Dorny Romero

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Dorny Romero was born in Santo Domingo on 4 September 1995. He lived in El Seibo and studied at Sergio A. Beras High School. He began playing football at...

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Dominican Spanish

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changed in many words by an i sound in the Northerly Cibao and in El Seibo Province and by an l (L) in the Eastern and in the capital city (Santo Domingo):...

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Santa Cruz

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Barahona Province Santa Cruz de El Seibo, city in the El Seibo Province Santa Cruz de Mao, municipality in the Valverde province Santa Cruz, Aruba, town in central...

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List of municipalities of the Dominican Republic

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2021. Azua Province Bahoruco Province Barahona Province Dajabón Province Duarte Province El Seibo Province Elías Piña Province Espaillat Province Hato Mayor...

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Octavio Beras Rojas

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Santa Lucía, in El Seibo Province, as the eldest of the three children of Octavio Beras Zorrilla, congressman and governor of El Seibo, and Teresa Rojas...

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Krogia microphylla

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Einar Timdal. The type specimen was collected from a cloud forest in El Seibo Province at an altitude of about 450 m (1,480 ft). It is only known from the...

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La Altagracia Province

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and to the west with the provinces of La Romana and El Seibo. The most important river in the province is the Yuma, other rivers of consideration are in...

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Hurricane Isaias

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across the territory reached $47.5 million. One person was killed in El Seibo Province, in the Dominican Republic, when a power line fell on his horse a...

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Dionisio Mejia, popularly known as Guandulito, (March 23, 1911 – June 1979) was a Dominican Republic singer and accordion player, who helped popularize...

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Olivia Peguero

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Salinas, Barahona Province, and grew up in the small towns of Miches, El Seibo Province, on the east coast, and Las Salinas, Barahona Province, in the southwest...

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Grupo Cisneros

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real-estate development belonging to Cisneros. It is located in the El Seibo Province of the Dominican Republic. Tropicalia is a long-term sustainable project...

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Minerva Bernardino

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championed gender inclusive language in the Charter. Bernardino was born in El Seibo in 1907 to an "unusually liberal" family. She was orphaned at age 15 and...

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List of Dominican Provinces by date of provincehood

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Separated from Benefactor Province San Rafael, La Estrelleta El Seibo March 12, 1844 One of the Original 5 Provinces Seibo Espaillat February 27, 1885...

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