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East India Squadron information

East India Squadron
USS Vincennes and USS Columbus in Tokyo Bay, Japan, in July 1846.
CountryEast India Squadron United States of America
BranchEast India Squadron United States Navy
TypeNaval squadron

The East India Squadron, or East Indies Squadron, was a squadron of American ships that existed in the nineteenth century. It focused on protecting American interests in the Far East, while the Pacific Squadron concentrated on the western coasts of the Americas and the South Pacific Ocean. Its duties included the Yangtze River Patrol in China. The East India Squadron was established in 1835 and existed until it became part of the Asiatic Squadron in 1868.

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East India Squadron

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The East India Squadron, or East Indies Squadron, was a squadron of American ships that existed in the nineteenth century. It focused on protecting American...

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19th century. It was created in 1868 when the East India Squadron was disbanded. Vessels of the squadron were primarily involved in matters relating to...

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The East India Company (EIC) was an English, and later British, joint-stock company founded in 1600 and dissolved in 1874. It was formed to trade in the...

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Cape of Good Hope, and Hong Kong, where she arrived to join the East India Squadron on 12 May 1856. On 1 July she embarked the U.S. Commissioner to China...

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William Radford

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Dacotah April 23, 1860, and sailed to Hong Kong as a unit of the East India Squadron for Commodore Cornelius Stribling. However, after the onset of the...

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the Pacific Squadron. At Hong Kong on January 29, 1858, he relieved Commodore James Armstrong taking command of the East India Squadron, breaking his...

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Perry Expedition

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Webster authorized Commodore John H. Aulick, commander of the American East India Squadron, to attempt to return seventeen shipwrecked Japanese sailors residing...

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and one of the squadron’s ground crew was killed in the Blitz. Note: The squadron code letters QJ were the same as those of 92 Squadron. The codes changed...

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Houghton Mifflin, 1948), p. 879. Foote to Armstrong, 4 Nov 1856, East India Squadron Letters, 1855–1856, National Archives; Clyde H. Metcalf, "History...

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Yangtze Patrol

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States Navy and assigned to the East India Squadron. In 1868, patrol duties were carried out by the Asiatic Squadron of the United States Navy. Under...

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Naval forces there. However, Commodore James Biddle brought his East India Squadron to Monterey, California, on 2 January 1847 only a week after Shubrick's...

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